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  1. JM. Their pink-lemonade and hawaiian punch flavors are outstanding.
  2. My first experience was about 4 years ago. I was 16. I went to a BBQ at my buddy's house in the early summer and after all the grilling and eating and as the crowd started to die down, it was me, him and his siblings and my (now) brother in law and his siblings. He told us he "made an investment" and brought it out. None of us had any hookah experience so we all shared in the task of putting this beautiful Mya Saray pipe together and setting up. We ended up smoking an entire 250g box of AF Sweet Melon that night. Went out within the week and procured my own hookah and spent the rest of that summer smoking and bonding with all those people over our new hobby.
  3. We use this a lot on a sneaker forum I frequent.
  4. my mom actually came with me to the shop when I got my first hookah and convinced me to get a bohemian glass Mya instead of a QT...AND negotiated a butt load with the store owner. Nether of my parents mind but they refuse to smoke with me.. I DID, however, get my aunts and uncles into it after they found out I wasn't smoking NHT.
  5. everclear in base. i stopped smoking for like 2 months.
  6. Starbuzz Blue Mist Well I found a place in Chicago that carries 250g tins of SB for $15 (Al-Khyam Bakery) so I decided to give this a go after all the rave reviews. Smell/Flavor: Smells like a blueberry candy. Very fruity. Tastes like how it smells (which is fantastic) with a great minty after-effect that cools one down. I love it. 10/10 Cut: Standard SB cut. Very wet and sticky. Few stems. This particular shisha is a little yellowish. Smoke: "Big fuck-off clouds". Buzz: No buzz. Washed tobacco. Amount(approx)/Duration: Been 45 mins, but I'm smoking a Phunnel so I'm sure I can get 2 hours, easy. Hookah Type: Mya Saray QT. Bowl: Small Phunnel Foil/Screen: Double foil layer. Coal/Amount: 2 33mm 3 Kings QL's. Liquid in Base: Icy cold H2O and a couple cubes. Overall: 10/10. I'm a big SB guy so I may be a lil biased but I can definitely see why this particular shisha gets such rave reviews. I'll be picking up another tin or two and this'll be my new go-to flavor. I'm pretty sure I could get newbies hooked on hookah with this flavor!
  7. Just got a black Nammor from h-s today. Build: It could be better, but it's good. I like the flexibility of the hose. Mine doesn't have any obvious imperfections on the hose itself but the mouth tip has a little chip where the etched designs are. No big deal, but it would've been nice for it to be immaculate. Hopefully the whole thing will be able to hold up to my usage. I could also use a shorter handle. 8/10 Pull: It pulls just as easy if not better than my home-depot hose (5/8 id) which is surprising to me because it looks like the hose itself has a smaller outer diameter. I washed my hose immediately after opening with warm water, vinegar and lemon juice but there was still a slight plastically smell/taste. No biggie, it's already gone. I love the ease of pull and the smoke volume I'm getting with this. 10/10 Overall: 9/10 my new go to hose.
  8. Received my beautiful black small Phunnel from h-s today. As a ceramics artist I can tell that a lot of fine craftsmanship was involved with this bowl. The quality of clay used, the gazing, it's all fantastic. 10/10 for craftsmanship. I'm smoking some Starbuzz Blue Mist out of it as we speak. It holds just a tiny bit more tobacco than the standard Mya bowl that comes with their hookahs. Took a lot less time to get going than any of the traditional bowls I've had. Smoke is nice and thick (big "fuck-off" clouds as they say) and the flavor is so vibrant. Not harsh at all. 10/10 in my book. I'll be picking one or two more as well as a large and medium Phunnel soon!
  9. Kind of hard for me to get ice into the base, but crushing it isn't too hard.Aside from that, the base is very sturdy and can take a beating. The cage is actually pretty cool. You can set up the entire hookah and put it back into the cage to smoke. I've even seen people set up rigs to hang the cage so they can smoke it that way. ALTHOUGH I don't think that's such a safe idea. QT is a great hookah, especially for a first imo.
  10. (^____^) glad you got it working! See, that's why this forum is such a badass place! I wouldve had such a hard time getting it right without it!
  11. I've been here for more than one year now. However, I was on hiatus for a good....6 months until recently. Looking back in the past, the forum was a really easy place to talk.Not just about hookah, but about anything really. I recall that people really were open to each other's opinions on various subject matters. I really looked forward to checking the forum everyday. That isn't to say that every one was free to do as they pleased. Mods made sure that everyone was behaving appropriately. When someone wasn't being a productive member or was being, well, a douchebag to everyone in the forum or was peddling wares through improper means,it was isolated. They were either warned, suspended or banned. Much like how it is today. The forum is still a great place to converse with peers. Yes, vendors have become a little more aggressive. Yes, people have been acting the wrongway and yes, they were dealt with accordingly and appropriately. However, there was one big difference I noticed from back then and now: As far as I can recall, bans weren't made public or announced in the manner that they are now. Now, I'm not saying that banned or suspended members shouldn't be examples as how to NOT act on these forums, but in the end I think that it isn't productive. All that happens is that members get really heated and debate or criticize either party. To put it in familiar terms: you're adding an extra coal to some burned shisha. It isn't an enjoyable experience when you come to a forum and the first 3 topics you see are about a ban or some drama topic. Overall it detracts from the forum itself. It takes away time from discussing new Myas, flavor combos, neat finds and tips for noobs. All in all, the mods do a great job keeping everything in order, but, at least in my opinion, they can create disorder easily too.
  12. =o( I really wish you luck with the next time you try. Nahkla Peach is a personal favorite...
  13. It'll come with time. Even the best struggled at first! I have had no success with screens however. Might want to try a good foil? Don't take off the rubber off. That's to keep everything airtight and removing it will jeopardize a good session. Coals do have a lot to do with a good smoke, but you shouldn't fret. Try using just one coal. Make sure to expose every portion of it to flame throughly so it lights up. Even just using one, you still need to give it some time for the shisha to get well heated. It isn't uncommon (for me atleast) to spend 5 minutes or so inhaling without smoke to get the shisha going. btw, what kind of hookah is it? What kind of shisha would help too.
  14. I've had the same problem with AF Grape for some time now. The few instances in which I did get flavor (pretty good btw) the shisha was straight out of the box or I had something other than water in the base. I've honestly had better experiences with this flavor with natural coals, but I find this tobacco burned a little easier than I would have liked it too. Good luck I guess, but you might want to look into a different grape.
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