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  1. QUOTE (NIGHTS OF BAGHDAD @ Sep 30 2009, 02:04 PM) is it just me or does the cop have a attitude when he mentions the name of the store around 1:04 in the vid nah, not an attitude with the store, and probably not an issue with hookahs. Sounds like it took a split second delay before he remembered what it was called. His face doesn't really change. I just looked at the video again, and he looked to the upper left just a slight bit which could just mean it was a memory recollection issue. Throughout his talking, he continues to look left/upper left to be able to gather the facts to describe them. It's just short term memory fact-based stuff. Hard to remember a lot, and when I first saw a hookah, it was hard for me to remember what it was called (and that was before I was interested in smoking it). lack of interest can mean difficulty in remembering. case in point would be topics in a persons least favorite school subject.
  2. QUOTE (mushrat @ Sep 30 2009, 09:56 AM) QUOTE (Charley @ Sep 27 2009, 05:49 PM) I have been hit by a car 3 times (it was the same driver all 3 times) it sucks. my advice speaking from my own experiences is have the doctors look at everything regardless of how minor it seems. (I had a very minor pain in my elbow after the 3rd time almost didnt even notice it. now my elbow locks up and hurts like a bitch.) glad you two are ok Tati.. I gotta ask, how you managed to let the same person run you over 3 times Charley?? Wondering the same thing. 3 times?!! wow. I agree with everyone else in getting a personal injury lawyer. The company should be at fault just as much as the driver, as the company *should* be the insurance holder. Good luck!
  3. hidden pockets ftw...no wallets in public places. ever.--purses just carry my makeup-which I rarely ever bring with me anyways. scary stuff. Glad nobody was injured!
  4. is sexual humor ok? Kinda came up with something a couple weeks ago
  5. QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Feb 20 2008, 10:31 PM) I'm sitting here trying so hard not to crack up. My roommate just got in from work, he's a dishwasher on campus. I was anticipating his return, so about 5 minutes before he got in, I ran all the hot water out. Now he's in the shower and I can here him fuckin with the knobs n shit. I can't wait to hear what he says when he gets out. Omg I miss doing this type of shit, I'm gonna start doin it more often. Will update after he gets out and bitches. The guy I dated in florida and I were up in SC for 2 or 3 weeks while he had been activated or whatever to the base in charleston, sc...so...while we were there....living it up with his mom draining all his funds from his bank accounts w/o rhyme or reason, when we got back to florida, we went to turn on the shower...after a pretty damn long and stinky drive....and there was no hot water. None. We couldn't figure out what it was, and apparently his parents (more his mom than his dad...his dad was usually oblivious to everything) decided to take it upon themselves to turn off the water heater....right after we left. That would save energy for my ex's electric bill, but that stuff takes forevvvverrrrrr to heat water back up (12+ hours?). Apparently it's not the same as running the hot water until it's cold...it's much worse. ... --- When I was on a coast guard cutter, we had a port call to Mazatlan. While there, got to get hotel rooms, and I bought a room for me and somehow while I was drinking, 4 people ended up on my 2 beds. I walked in there, tickled one girls feet made a lot of noise in one guy's ear, and the other girl woke up and the last guy, who was out like a light...I couldn't wake him up, so I poured glitter on him. Made sure it was good and stuck to him too. He said he had glitter falling off him for 3 days after.
  6. QUOTE (fcbayern @ Sep 10 2009, 11:08 AM) I can't tell...if that cat is comfy or not. I think this guy is asking how we get the shisha to smoke the way it does when he's out in town.
  7. QUOTE (mushrat @ Sep 9 2009, 05:14 PM) QUOTE (MechAnt @ Sep 9 2009, 04:25 PM) Happy bday old buddy!!!! It's the big 41 this year or the 42? 42 Happy belated bday
  8. QUOTE (McLovin600 @ Sep 10 2009, 09:00 AM) cost of blood is going up +1
  9. What was there to report. I didn't hear about it until I saw a mod mention it in chat last night. oh. cr@p. Me and my big mouth.... *don't be mad*!!!
  10. QUOTE (giant ninja robot @ Sep 10 2009, 03:20 AM) Happy Birthday Funk-tron D! That's dafunk5446 in layman's terms for all you not so robotically enhanced. HAVE A GOOD ONE BROTHA-MAN! Happy bday dafunk!!! to GNR: Oh...my.....gawd..... o.O I just fell off the short bus there. I didn't get my most recent reprogramming, so thank you for translating. I need better software. Damn.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Sep 3 2009, 07:41 PM) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM1Ahn0Osjo LOLLL!!!! I loved the Through the Roof 'n' Underground song from them for wristcutters. Gawd...funny songs...
  13. QUOTE (Chiefin @ Sep 3 2009, 06:08 PM) This is comical to the point that I feel like it's actually a joke. I actually do think it's a joke. 1) he's all worked up about a hookah that's sh*t 2) he feels he got a good deal on the purple monster 3) he's a dude, and that thing is flaming purple! There is no subtle in that purple. It's so BLAM! I mean, it's like BLAM! There are other things, but I'll keep them to myself. If he really bought it, that's silly. Looks like a troll. Walks like a troll. Smells like a troll. He's probably a troll.
  14. QUOTE (Scrappydoo @ Sep 3 2009, 08:54 AM) HI! My name is Brenda, I am an American living in Kuwait. I have been smoking shisha for about 5 or 6 years and really love it! My favorite flavors are plum, grape, cherry, banana, mango, jasmine and strawberry. I really hate apple and mint and am "on the fence" with some of the citrus, some are good, some really stink! I smoke almost every night, usually by myself watching tv or listening to music. We have some awesome places to go here, but lately it's been to hot. My alltime favorite is to smoke at the little cafes on the beach. I would say my apartment is decorated in Arabian/shisha! My sister made one of my old pipes into a lamp, I use another cool jar as a vase for flowers! I collect camel things, so I have a cookie jar and a few "kitchy" camels laying around. Anyway, I wanted to say hi and that I'm really enjoying reading the reviews. I can usually find Layalina and Fakhar (their plum is to die for!) and am dying to try the Layalina Golden. The reviews are great, help a LOT! Take care, BJ Here is a picture of my "main" pipe! Ok, I am jealous of you. I have heard nothing but good things about Kuwait. I wanted to go and had the opportunity, and declined due to personal reasons. Welcome to HF btw--Romman has this "Apple Cinnamon" flavor...I find it tastes perfect blended about 1/2 and 1/2 with Nakhla Vanilla (I'm sooo gonna get hell for this) but it tastes really good...has good spice without being too sweet and too overpowering. That apple has *no hints of anise*...the spice literally (to me) tastes like cinnamon, cardamom, "apple pie" spice mix. :-p I don't know what brands are available to you over there, but if there's romman over there, you must try that mix I'm thinking nakhla wouldn't be hard to find over there though.
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