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  1. picked it up for 15.00, just cleaned it up real nice like, going to get a new bowl, hose,and cleaning kit and give it to a buddie and his wife for a wedding presant.
  2. thanks guys, now i need to get a bowl and some cleaning brushes, anything else i should check out? my mom seems to think its from the 80's she's an antique/hippie!
  3. the lady i got it from had just moved from Arizona to Oregon where I'm at. She said her ex-boyfriend had bought it from an Arab family in Tempe. there are some flowerish or crown looking marks on the plate. Its a bit tarnished, should I try to polish it? if so what works good? or does it depreciate it?
  4. heres a pic of the top, it has some sort of mark on the tray, kinda looks like arabic letters??
  5. found this for sale at a yard sale and had to get it. I used to have an old one when I was a teen that was always a discussion piece at parties. I'm not really going to use it other than a bit of decoration just wanted to know the era, and country it might be from. thanks for the help!
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