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  1. something gimmicky but i would like to see a multiple chamber hookahs . kinda like those mixing bowls but 1 hookah whos base splits into two chambers , logistically dont know how it would work with one down stem and at the point might aswell ave two hookas 
  2. prefur indoors unless its a cool night .
  3. Normal for me,but somtimes it means bowl is to hot. What i do if the bowl is to hot is take the bowl off, and blow from under usualy fix's a hot bowl for me.
  4. I literaly make one from foil and it last a couple of months no problems.
  5. I understand this its about the volume and density to the smoke you feel in your lungs.   Glycerine . More glycerine deeper clouds, sacrafice flavor tho as in my expirence glycerine flavor slowly takes over.   I used alcohole exstracts and some scented incence oils . The inscence oils worked better for flavor ,but i dont know health risk with them just what i used one time.      
  6. At Lake Mead az/nv when the nights get cool sitting with my hookah half berried in the sand the firepit going sitting in the sand being able to see the stars , thats how i like it.
  7. you know aside from the price i like it actually. Not for public use but sometimes i just cant be bothered to go get coal ( i smoke inside now ) and sometimes im laying in bed and thinking some hookah would be good right now (watching a movie) ,but i dont want to set up.There e-hookah are fine nothing love having some blue mist at the moviews.   My thing that catches me is  its a hose  top . I used fancy/genie/new hose's because there cheap and smoke great but i miss the weight of a real hose handle.   I wander how it reloads . at 200 it better have some easy reload but being starbuzz the reloads or probably the price of a can and screw on at the bottom     could be the start of something good this guy looks surprised
  8. I can attest  . I think birquqe (<~~~spelling) is weaker than noir havent had nori in  a wile had some cane mint last week and i was defiantly feeling the tangiers buzz. Atleast for Tangiers i get nicotine
  9. I enjoy cane mint right after dinner.
  10. looks nice needs cleaning but looks nice. BTW is that the oil in there or is hookah juice ?
  11. This. I will adjust them if I need to for heat but if you are doing that every 2 minutes you are using too much coal. How I roll
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