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  1. You know you're a nerd when you see "Go To Setup" and think "what are they programming?"
  2. I second HookahBot. Also, whenever somebody is getting banned, it should be done by Chuck Norris. Did you know; a Chuck Norris-delivered Roundhouse Kick is the preferred method of execution in 16 states.
  3. QUOTE (Place_Name_Here @ May 5 2008, 06:54 PM) i realy injoy my small phunnel from HC but i have some questions concerning the copyright to the actual shape. I was wondering if it was legal to make a simmilar shaped bowl as long as its not sold as a "tangiers phunnel bowl. Im an artist and was wanting to make some unique bowls to sell this summer for alittle extra money for art supplies and have been working on prototypes. You need to look into hiring a patent lawyer if you REALLY want to avoid copyright/patent infringement. There are also some online sites that you can use to research, but that's not really reliable IMO.
  4. Sounds like a job for a database.... I'm a developer!
  5. QUOTE (GNUWorldOrder @ Apr 15 2009, 09:55 AM) just ordered the last 7lb box on amazon and got free shipping What was your grand total if don't mind me asking?
  6. Just bought a 7 lb bag. Let you all know how they are, but it sounds promising so far.
  7. I just took my dremel with a grinding stone and scored the inside of the bowl because it was completely glazed inside and out. Doing that in combination with a small piece of paper towel wrapped around the grommet seem to work the best for me.
  8. QUOTE (Vladimir @ Apr 12 2009, 12:36 AM) That being said, this thread has me thinking its time to figure out how to get some natural coals going (I got flat top stove, no coils ). I bought myself one of these for $20 at my local hardware store... worth every penny and it gets natural coals red hot in just a minute or two. Propane torch As for the ingredients in quick-lites: that sparking and sizzling (as mentioned by someone above) is from saltpeter or Potassium Nitrate. That stuff can make you sterile by the way.
  9. I think this person had good luck: Bllod Orange/Pineapple Shisha
  10. I know nothing about this place: Random Google Search
  11. Hmm. that second link suggests that you can soak the leaves in your favorite beer, dry it and then smoke it. That might open doors to new flavors, huh?
  12. DUDE! plus ten brownie points on using Wildcat by Ratatat! That's one of my favorite (synthesized) instrumentals!
  13. I would also like to note my findings of salt's solubility in glycerin: It's not. Hence the addition of water to the mixture.
  14. QUOTE (BohoWildChild @ Apr 9 2009, 07:08 PM) Verrrrrrrrrrry interesting..... You'd probably have to ask Eric, but wouldn't heating the shisha possibly have also been responsible for increasing the tobacco flavor? Seem like in the back of my brain there's some memory of someone having said something like that..... Also, I'm curious what the effect would be on a non-metholated shisha. One that's pure sweetness to begin with..... Hmmmm....... 'Rani Yes, that is excellent thinking. Something in the back of my brain tells me that makes a lot of sense.
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