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  1. hmm i like blue moon, flying dog, sam addams. when im cheap ill get bud light. when im broke ill get natty.
  2. i was so anti ipod awhile back i tried everything other then an ipod. THAT WAS A MISTAKE just get a freakin ipod. there bad ass. and trendy:)
  3. just got this done, its a helix. the other is a reverse orbital. i went with my roomate and his bro when they went to get tattoos. i felt like i needed a new addition.
  4. uh well i usually pop about 4 advil in the morning and im good baby. depends how big you are though. im 6'3 and about 320lbs. i can put down 10-12 and be good. id reccomend, if you can do it, chug a bottle of water before bed. gatoraid is good in the morning, so is water. i usually chug a bottle in the morning after drinking.
  5. its already been done boys. Heres my version. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v155/use...HookahVideo.flv
  6. QUOTE (NazarHookah @ Mar 5 2007, 12:58 AM) Hookah looks great! give it another go..... whatever you do....DO NOT BUY FROM SMOKING-HOOKAH.COM omg do they suck....i made a BIG mistake buying in quantity a LONG time ago.......i threw all the hookahs in the dumpster...they were junk and they were unwilling to help. just my 2 cents.. -Mahir I have ordered from smoking hookah and enjoyed it. I think there a great company. maybe they have changed? who knows.
  7. i qminly say that because i just came out of a almost 3 year relationship this week.
  8. lemme tell you all something, if you like schinlars list, watch the pianist. It will make you say fuck schinlars list. Accually both are good. I have this weird obsession with holocaust movies. I think i may have seen most of them... maybe we should list them?
  9. QUOTE (camelflage @ Mar 2 2007, 10:11 PM) fuck love. true that...
  10. yea... its been awhile. havent got mine either... thanks for trying though
  11. Ive tried to send you a request. Heres the email. Benjamin.Turner@uky.edu
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