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  1. QUOTE (demonix @ Dec 3 2009, 02:31 AM) I myself have always been big on Political Punk, Death Metal, and Ska good taste in music. I'm a big fan of ska... Hence the Op Ivy tattoo
  2. QUOTE (dafunk5446 @ Dec 2 2009, 07:37 PM) First time I heard ICP was about 13-14 years ago, back in junior high. I cant say I like them now, and I was never a juggulo.....but the Great Milenko will always hold a special place in my heart reminding myself of when I was a stupid young fuck head. Wow.. You took what I was going to say.
  3. That IS is freaking nice! I used to have an '01 yellow had... Yellow/black carbon fiber hood alteza front grill carbon fiber front strut Tein adjustable suspension header with straightpipe (removed the 3 cats) yellow light covers greddy exhaust (cat-back) intake w/ chip.
  4. QUOTE (Dr. B @ Dec 1 2009, 12:17 PM) happened LMFAO
  5. My apologies but I couldn't resist
  6. Cool S2K, here is my new baby I picked up this last Saturday it's an '07 A3 2.0T This is what I used to have '01 integra LS (nicely modified)
  7. QUOTE (Scrappydoo @ Nov 30 2009, 11:11 AM) When you have at least one burn spot on your couch. I have a nice round burn mark on an oriental rug my cousin brought me from overseas (yeah I'm extreamely pissed about it)
  8. You know your a Hookah smoker when you get excited for getting coal for Christmas.
  9. Tribals are nice. My first tattoo of 17 was a tribal my dad picked out for me.
  10. Just brought an Audi A3 2.0t today '07
  11. QUOTE (redrabbit07 @ Nov 19 2009, 10:21 AM) QUOTE (McLovin600 @ Nov 19 2009, 10:18 AM) I drive a 2003 1.8 Jetta and although a nice car, the smallest problem costs so much to fix and they happen all the time. I will never stray away from my trusty japanese cars EVER again. I love the color of your car. thanks, and yeah it gets pricey, just gotta diy as much as possible with German cars. dealers will kill you on maintenance. i guess i just dislike jap. cars so much now cuase the quality diff. shut the doors and it just goes thud and doesent sound like a crumpled beer can. thats just my $0.02 tho. i loved my integra but it was just falling apart. yep I hate that sound, why I'm getting rid of it this weekend. I'll lost some pictures of the new ride sometime soon. Also another great thing about jap cars is the widow motors always crap out. (have to pull up to close my drivers window.
  12. I'm not going to argue. Yes, if it really is true that's quite sad and animal cruelty is straight forward f'ed up. Compairing it to abortion, yeah that's just as bad but I wouldn't compare it like that cause I'm pro-abortion.
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