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  1. 40thieves

    Abookah Hookah

    FYI this place has closed
  2. New location. Hey - wanted to extend an invite to all hookah lovers in Boulder that visit this forum. Join us @ 3070 28th St, 80301. [url="http://www.facebook.com/#%21/pages/Boulder-CO/40-Thieves-Boulder/125515080836781"]http://www.facebook....125515080836781[/url]
  3. check smoking laws. I remember LA getting tight on that subject.
  4. Have to help make sure the Tobacco Tax Raise doesnt go through

  5. [b][u]ALL PLEASE, TRY TO KEEP UP[/u][/b] Hey guys - this looks serious. Read through and forward. We're setting up laptops at every lounge we own and get people to fill it out the online signing. Even give them a discount on hookah if they pay to have it mailed. I'll also be posting on the form a list of people who are against raising taxes in Washington that are members of the House of Congress, and we will have another letter that we personally ad our thought on things and send copies to each of them. [size="3"]IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS OWNER YOU SHOULD DO THIS!![/size] As far as the letter for us all to individualy send I have a hudge list so far of the memebers. The letter will detail what the bill is and a spot to add our personal thoughts. I will provide all you with the names of the right people to send the letters to as well as the address were they need to be sent to. We have to make a point accross how this will affect everyone, Business owners and customers. The client base on hookah is so diversified, example of few of many are the solders that fall in love with Shisha smoke when they are fighting in war and come home and instead of going out drinking and doing other things, they able to have some were close to go smoke hookah Vs getting in trouble. We have customers that are not of age to go to big club's or maybe dont want to go to clubs. We put new jobs out there for young people to have a part time job. Comments like this will make the members of the House think it is a liability if they do this tax raise. WE have to do somthing about this. [size="3"]HOOKAH BARS ARE SMALL BUSINESS AS WELL, WE SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE PLAN TO SUCCESS OBAMA HAS FOR EVERYONE!!! [/size]
  6. 40 Thieves - Waco TX 217 S 4th St Waco, TX 76701 www.40thievesonline.com/waco.htm
  7. 40 Thieves Hookah Lounge Check us out! 40 Thieves - C Springs, CO www.40thievesonline.com 40 Thieves - Widefield, CO www.40thievesonline.com/widefield.htm 40 Thieves - Littleton, CO 10/23 www.40thievesonline.com/littleton.htm 40 Thieves - Boulder, CO 3070 28th St, 80301. [url="http://www.facebook.com/#%21/pages/Boulder-CO/40-Thieves-Boulder/125515080836781"]http://www.facebook....125515080836781[/url] 40 Thieves - Waco, TX [url="http://www.40thievesonline.com/waco.html"]www.40thievesonline.com/waco.html[/url] [url="http://www.hookahfranchising.com"]www.hookahfranchising.com[/url]
  8. 40thieves

    40 Thieves Hookah Lounge

    40 Thieves - Often replicated but never dublicated. Try then buy all things hookah. www.40thievesonline.com
  9. Hey guys - been a long while. Got new images in the gallery and ready to hear your input. Glad to see some of the old schoolers.
  10. 40 Thieves Safari | 1524 N Academy blvd - 719-591-8315 40 Thieves Urban Industrial | 215 Fontaine Blvd, 80911 - 719-358-7860 ...any hookah forum members wanting to set up gatherings fell free to contact!
  11. One more step to mainstream folks. Fun times. Click for Gallery - more pics to come Gallery Link: http://pub35.bravenet.com/photocenter/albu...amp;album=51103
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