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  1. Tony's (Corvallis, OR) 10/10 Tony's Hookah lounge (in Corvallis, OR) is a great place to hang out and relax with a hookah. They have two big screen TVs to watch the Beaver's game or a movie, and they have surround sound with great sub woofers for a dance party. They have nice reclining couches that really add to the aura of hookah smoking, and they even have a semi-private part in the lounge where groups can go to be alone while smoking. Recently, as of the new year, Oregon has placed a ban on smoking inside the workplace, and Tony's has surely suffered. Their retail shop is s
  2. Akhla Charcoal As a repeat customer for SaharaSmoke.com, I have received many rolls of Akhla coals during my days. Time to light = about 20-30 seconds, these light very fast Sparks = these coals tend to fizzle more than spark Carbon Monoxide Emission = large white clouds of CO are emitted off these coals, do not breathe near these coals Heat = they give off an even heat, but you have to move them around your bowl often Duration = the coal lasts around 20-25 minutes, I usually keep 1 or 2 extra coals with me Flavor = they dont give off flavor if youve packed your bowl right
  3. Rolland Instant Lights A month or two back I bought a 100pc. box of Rolland instant lights. they have worked OK for me for the past couple of months. Time to light = around a minute Sparks = they do spark, a bit like fireworks, but I dont hold them close to me when lighting Carbon Monoxide Emission = the CO emitted off of these instant lights is a bit duller than off other instant lights I have tried Heat = they give off an even heat, as long as you move them around your bowl every so often Duration = the coal itself lasts about 20-40 minutes, ashing it around 4 times per coal. the durat
  4. Epic Smoke Candy Cane Apart from paying $8.00 in a head shop for 100g of this shisha, it was definitely worth my while. I got it around Christmastime so that added to the overall aura of the flavor. Its a great mint flavor, and anyone who knows me knows that I'm quite the mint aficionado. many times I caught myself just opening the jar and taking whiffs of potent mint candy smell, which I might add really clears out your sinuses. And like most, if not all Epic Smoke shishas, this one was extremely wet, which causes it to have really thick bushy white clouds for the whole session. i
  5. STARBUZZ Exotic Tangerine Dream Cut - brownish yellowish color, medium cut, some stems, very wet Smell - an overwhelming tangerine smell, a bit of orange and lemon undertones, but the smell is distinctly tangerine Smoking length - around 45min to 1hr 45min Taste/flavor - this shisha tastes like a tangerine, or like a fake and potent tangerine flavor. the smell of this shisha is overwhleming at times, and it will make any enclosed area smell like tangerine if left out for too long. Smoke - rich white clouds, they stay in the air for a few seconds Overall - 7.6/10 - This shisha is good
  6. STARBUZZ Exotic Tequila Sunrise Cut - deep red color, medium/coarse cut, very few stems, sticky Smell - smells like orange juice mixed with grenadine or some maraschino cherry juice with a bit of lemon Smoking length - around 30min to 1hr 45min Taste/flavor - this shisha tastes pretty similar to how it smells, but the grenadine or cherry flavors do a good job in accenting the flavor the whole time you smoke it. the lemon/orange flavor dies out around the halfway point in your session. the after taste is distinctly grenadine-y Smoke - rich white clouds, they linger for a while Overall -
  7. STARBUZZ Exotic Winterfresh Cut - brownish-yellowish color, medium cut tobacco, a couple stems, very sticky Smell - Altoids. there's no better description than that Smoking length - around 50min to 2hr Taste/flavor - this shisha tastes exactly like it smells, like altoids or extremely potent breath mints, like after coffee mints. after the first couple of puffs, one will notice that his or her throat feels very cool, like most people do after eating a mint, which is great if you have a sore throat, it acts like a throat lozenge. the flavor maintians itself well up until about 2/3 int
  8. STARBUZZ Exotic X on the Beach Cut - deep red color, a bit chunky, medium/medium fine cut tobacco, a couple stems, more sticky than moist Smell - a bit of pineapple, a bit of a floral/rose scent, a bit of a tropical fruit scent, and, oddly enough, it smells a bit like lip-stick Smoking length - depending on how large your bowl is, anywhere from 45min to 1hr and 40min, maybe 2hr Taste/flavor - there is a definite pineapple taste to it, and that's the most easily recognizable taste that I can describe. after about the halfway mark in your session, the flavor dramatically decreases into a
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