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  1. QUOTE (LS1 FTW @ Sep 28 2007, 02:12 AM) QUOTE (Skimo @ Sep 14 2006, 01:21 PM) maybe i can pick some up before the whole texas get together and we can all review it haha Wait a minute....Texas get together? When/where? [/end hijack] the original thread is over a year old.
  2. I swished a lemon juice / water mix through mine, then ran hot water through it.. no taste at all...
  3. QUOTE (nestormakhno @ Aug 15 2007, 07:30 PM) I wonder how much money they lose annually for fucking up. Obviously, this isn't a one-time incident... It's just a part of any high-volume internet retailer. It's incorporated into their operating costs (if their business is planned correctly)
  4. That Glyph will become your number 1 smoker, guaranteed. I own a QT, the Glyph and a Social Smoke 28" egyptian.. Glyph smokes the best, hands down.. Plus it's sexy, and durable, and solid, and heavy.. oh yeah, it's sexy too.
  5. I voted for both, depending on the circumstances. If I'm visiting a friend, camping, fishing, etc, I will use the Golden quicklights.. if I'm at home and have the time; I'll use my small hotplate from my college days to light up the Al-Ajdad/Nours I have.. I prefer the old school round nours, but can't find them anywhere.. they're all the triangle al-ajdad now
  6. No, the glyph's stem doesn't come apart.. Doesn't bother me, as it's my stay-at-home hookah, and cleans out super easy..
  7. my big egyptian is Smokey Blue and my QT is Lil Blue nothing original, but it works... TGIF kids!
  8. did Scalli have a cameo? arrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahah.
  9. QUOTE (mushrat @ May 23 2007, 03:39 PM) Yes, my Soul is tired and my throat herts cause i get everyones hookahs going for them before bringing them out and OH GODS I CAN'T TASTE MY SHISHA ANYMORE! ohh that blows.. what about one of those vaccuum attachments that I've heard of some hookah bars using? Hook it up to a lower power vaccuum, and turn it on.. sucks air continuously until the bowl is going..
  10. Awesome, mush! any pictures of opening weekend? kick ASS beer selection by the way.. Glad to see the northeast is well represented.. I would have a tough time deciding amongst the #9, Dogfish Head IPA and the Chimay.. mmmmmmmm
  11. Good article Mush! Did you make a press release to get that article, or was that just a piece they did on you? Great PR for you, and glad to hear the opening weekend went well!
  12. common sense guys; don't post your name and full address on a public forum on the internet.
  13. I've got 3 flavors I'm looking to trade.. 250 g tub of Al Waha Mango.. Probably smoked 2 bowls out of it, call it 200-210 grams.. 250 g tub of Al Waha Apricot.. Same as above, probably 200-210 grams remaining 250 g tub of Al Amir Peach.. Smoked 3 bowls out of it.. probably 200 grams left.. Let me know if anyone's interested, and what you're offering..
  14. QUOTE (NargileClub @ May 15 2007, 04:31 PM) Oh I am back. seems everything has settled down. GD is back.So Iam cool wiyh it if he is so am I Smiley woohoo! *cheers* smiley
  15. I like mine.. Looks great and smokes good. My only complaint would be that it requires a ton of heat to get going..
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