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  1. shisha orders always take too long to arrive

  2. Recently went to Hookah Bookah. It was my first lounge experience, and while I do much better with my own hookah, I did enjoy the atmosphere, and not having to clean up or anything. It did seem a bit pricy considering the bowls are tiny and I don't think I coaxed any of them past twenty minutes, and they kept bringing more coal when I was doing fine, I think they try to burn out the bowls quickly so you order more. Also, I'd swear that most of the girls in the place were under the age of 18. Overall though, easily 3+ stars. I went on a tuesday night, and the place was busy, but they seemed to stay on top of things, it was not a long wait for a hookah. The hookahs they use were nice pieces too, KM's or similar, and I know nice large hoses are available, though I was given the sanitary plastic hoses.
  3. Woah, this is interesting stuff. I'm 18, and don't have much to invest right now (mostly broke actually, woo!) but I'll have about $1,500 to put away long term at the end of summer. Any good ideas for that small an amount of money?
  4. Get the hobo. It's like $40 bucks right now, and it's seriously kickass for a travel/party hookah. There really is not a better option for a super portable, durable hookah. Mine was liked so much it was stolen out of my backpack.
  5. DJing. I bought a pair of turntables recently and have been learning how it works... in the secret of my own bedroom. Way fun shit though.
  6. @Destructo, thanks for turning me on to the band. I don't normally like stuff with much of a country feel, but those guys are tuning into some deep musical need I have right now.
  7. Devilish, but good to know. Thanks for the insider knowledge.
  8. Fresh fries, that is all. Damn! Thems some tasty french fries!
  9. I am thinking about doing a pikmin, but really am coming up blank on other ideas.
  10. 53 pages for a thesis? Wow, easy. Glad I want to go into that field. 53 pages is nothing for a thesis. I have a psychology major friend who had to get his thesis bound it was so long (required 200+ pages I think) Then again, I've also heard I'm going to get to write 30+ pages about concrete sometime during senior year. Awesome.
  11. I give funny bums money, and I say hi/acknowledge prettymuch all of them. They are people too, and regardless of your opinions, everyone appreciates a wave, smile, or hello. No one deserves to be straight up ignored like they so often are, crazy or not. It bugs me when a bum says hi to someone because of close proximity or some other non begging reasosn and that person won't acknowledge it at all.
  12. QUOTE (HookahJohn @ Oct 2 2009, 05:59 PM) that's a nice marble garlic masher in the background, i hope it's not used for shisha mashing. Mortar and pestle my friend. Garlic mashing is but one of the many uses for this tool. I do a lot of spice grinding, freshly ground (and fresh in general) spices are unbeatable! Also, your hookah looks awesome Gunsboy, I want one.
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