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  1. QUOTE (Zinite @ Apr 25 2009, 03:20 PM) Brasso and a polishing cloth. Another good one, if you don't want to go to a hardware store and get Brasso, is to make a baking soda paste (fill a small cup half way with baking soda, then slowly add 1 ounce of water at a time til it's the consistency of tooth paste) . Rub it in really well with a rough wash cloth, then polish it out with a polishing cloth. What about lemon juice and baking soda?
  2. QUOTE (antouwan @ Apr 17 2009, 01:45 PM) luckily, Texas Hookah is 'local' for me, it's about a 20 minute drive. there are also 2 pretty big arab groceries around here, one i guy my cocos and groceries from, and the other i get my nakhla from, everything else comes from texas hookah Totally agree with you on the Texas Hookah man. I used to go to smokedreamz and the people are awesome there but hookahwise, they do not have near as much a selection as texas hookah. Smokedreamz also seems like a place that sells glass more so than hookah anyway. I do wish Texas Hookah had more of a selection of myas and kms otherwise, great shop.
  3. So i just had one of the greatest smoke sessions ever with my new medium phunnel bowl, although at first the center kept being sucked in whenever one of us took a hit. I poked a hole in the center of it and it made the pull easier, but then there was no smoke. So I then put 3 outer circles of holes and used rubber bands to keep the foil from being sucked in and then it became my best session ever. dont you love trial and error with your friends
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