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  1. QUOTE (Stuie @ Sep 1 2009, 02:00 PM) Mya QT is a keeper I smoke mine all the time! I love it. Hit's great and I can clean it in under 5 minutes without the need for a tub. Phunnel, QT, Nammor.... half the time that's my exact setup for smoking! X2 That's the set up I use most of the time too.
  2. It's a mixture of both, if one of them wasn't there, I wouldn't enjoy the hookah that much.
  3. Same glycerine I use. Haven't had any problems yet.
  4. Think of it this way, people use aluminum foil for cooking all the time. Putting something in the oven with foil around it will most likely get hotter than putting coals on top of the foil we use for smoking. I highly doubt the manufacturers would make the foil so weak that it would start to melt in an oven and get into the food, causing brain damage to whomever eats it and probably making them sick as well. I don't think you have anything to worry about. The fact that it's smoking period is more harmful to your body than using foil on a bowl.
  5. Wow, that's a great collection! Now you are required to smoke out of all of them and let us know which one is best
  6. I went last night with my friend just because we hadn't been to a lounge in a while and wanted to check out the new Night Owl. First thing to know is that if you were a member there before and have your old card still, you are fine. But if you signed up before the fire and don't have a card anymore, you have to pay ANOTHER $5 to become a member again :/. On to the review: Atmosphere: It's a completely different setting than before. It has more of a modern feel to it. The new couches are pretty comfortable and don't have any burn marks on them. The room is a lot brighter now that the paintings on the windows are gone and the walls are white.The music consist of mostly hip hop, but theres a few other good songs mixed in there from other genres. Hookahs: I think they were using MZ's, but I'm not positive on that. The hoses were Myas, but I know the hookahs weren't. Either way, they had a great pull and look pretty nice. Bowls: Standard Egyptian style. Shisha: They have a choice of either Starbuzz or (I think) AF. We ordered the "regular" flavor rather than the premium (Starbuzz) and the lemon/mint combo taste a lot like my AF lemon/mint I have in my own stash. Coals: I'm not sure what type of coals they were using. At first I was thinking they were the silver tab ones, but not sure. They ashed really well and last for quite a while, so that's a plus. Service: They are pretty good at getting your hookah to you in a timely matter, however, they don't always get over to you very fast when it is time to tell them your order. We just wound up going up to the desk and ordering what we wanted. This is not a huge deal to me, since that's how it was before and it's what I was used to anyway. Like previously stated, the employees seem to have an uptight attitude at some points. All in all though, they are pretty good at getting the hookah, coals or a new bowl to you fairly fast. Prices: They charge $18 for the AF and $22 for Starbuzz. Pretty standard for a hookah lounge, especially since it's one of the only ones in the state, that I know of. Then add the $5 yearly membership they require. Overall: It's a nice place to go and just chill out with some friends every once in a while. With the prices so high though, I'd rather stay at home or go over to a friend's house and smoke out of my own hookahs. I'd rate it 7.5/10.
  7. Yep, this law went into effect on Sunday actually...It's why I had to make a huge order a couple weeks beforehand, not sure what to do when I'll need shisha again. :/
  8. That's what I ended up doing last night too..Couldn't sleep, so I smoked. Great way to end the night! Nice little bonus you got there too lol
  9. ^^just wait...... The Mya hoses are NOT washable (except for the "healthy hose" that is made of plastic). 99% of the time, the hose that came with your hookah is not washable and running water through it will create rust.
  10. Most bowls are universal to pretty much all hookahs...Maybe what they meant was that the phunnel wont work with a QT's grommet (gasket)..? But I know for a fact the small Tangiers phunnels will fit on the grommet that comes with a QT fine.
  11. Tarik is pretty busy these days from the sound of it, so he is not able to get to the MNhookah orders as much. I too have some stuff that I'm waiting on from him..hopefully he is able to get to the orders sooner than later.
  12. Your going to want to make sure those parts are clean as hell before using them! lol It's a cool idea though, I'm a car guy too and I've also come up with some ideas for incorporating parts with things that they're not meant for (tables, chairs, ect...) Post pictures once you've started it! Sounds like a fun project.
  13. I usually go just a tad under where your red line is.
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