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  1.   I've heard the aliens get a bit shorter sessions. I'd imagine it's because of the shallowness.   Yep. It's actually the big reason I have a problem with them. With a deeper bowl, the top can get dried out, but the lower sections that are heating up with boil juices up to keep that top layer moist for much longer. With the alien, that doesn't happen much. That's a big part of why that bowl smokes so much better when it's overpacked.   This is my experience exactly. That's why I've been smoking from my Harmony exclusively for a while now. Three sets of coals and I call it done.
  2. How many rounds of coconut coals do you guys usually get from a small phunnel or Harmony bowl before you consider it "cached"? And by cached, I mean the point when you want to pack a new bowl.
  3. I really like the one on the right in the first pic. What, are those like 36" or so?
  4. Personally, I smoke for flavor rather than buzz. Tobacco free products are interesting and I'm always curious to see if any of them are worth a dang.
  5. Don't forget the Ed Hardy piece. I have to say I've never seen a Mya QT look so sexy. :P
  6. I think it could be argued that the buzz a lot of people get could be attributed to oxygen deprivation and/or CO from the coals. Although, I notice the hotter a bowl is, the bigger the buzz. THAT kind of buzz I would definitely attribute to nicotine.
  7. It is beautiful... just not $100k beautiful. Can you post a link to the site?
  8. That's funny. I wonder how he came up with the name. I don't really see that bowl as much of a "predator".
  9.   I don't think it's necessarily needed, I just see it as making it easier to maintain. Fresh foil always seems to sag from the vacuum created in the bowl. And I've tried the center hole but still resort to skewering the foil until it stiffens up. I guess it's just a preference thing.      All original. It's not a spire issue, it just seems to happen unless you overpack your bowl.   I've just seen this happen so many times, I can appreciate a new product that eliminates this problem altogether.
  10.   I think this problem is more common than a lot of people think. At my old lounge and also at the lounge that I frequent now, it has always been common practice to use some sort of skewer through the top of the foil when the foil on the phunnel starts to sag. I prefer this to using a center hole.
  11. I think that looks like a great idea. If it's made from the same material as the Tangiers, I'd buy one most def. Great find.
  12. Yes. I hate them but it's what they prefer at the lounge I go to.
  13.   This is what I'm smoking from right now:   [url=http://www.hookahforum.com/gallery/image/2391-crown-hookah/][/URL]   It's my choice :)
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