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  1. QUOTE (mushrat @ May 23 2007, 04:15 PM) been thinking real hard about an aquarium pump. That should work, and be fairly inexpensive.
  2. I think an early bird special would be nice. Or maybe a lunch special? ie: Sandwhich + drink + hookah for a good price.
  3. MN...if the site problems you are having are at all related to backend stuff, I'm still willing to help, if you need it.
  4. Carbon dioxide is not anywhere near as poisonous as carbon monoxide is. It takes approx 17% of total air volume to be CO2 to kill you. It takes much less CO to do the same
  5. A MYA hookah is a great pipe. If you like it, get it. If not, look into something else. Definitely stock up on as much tobaccy as possible though
  6. If they're natural, you *might* be alright. If these are quick lighting charcoals (like Kingsford), you could KILL YOURSELF doing that.
  7. I've been slacking on the forum...finals need to be over.
  8. Hmmm...i had a ball bearing rust out, but I just cleaned it up, and it's fine...my hose ports are fine (QT)
  9. Try throwing another coal on, usually you can get a little extra out of your sesh
  10. Fantastic idea. I'd like to see how well it works when you get a mock-up of it
  11. I would buy a moderately priced MYA hookah. I would then load up on a couple boxes of quick light coals, and as much tobacco in as many different varities as the rest of the money would get me.
  12. Try to explain it to them. Be rational, be an adult. Maybe have them try it.
  13. I haven't heard good things. I only really like Hybrid Theory
  14. I smoked a CAO petite the other day (little tiny cigarette sized cigar). One of the girls on my floor had them, so I figured why not. Didn't taste too great...a little harsh, probably been sitting for a long time.
  15. It just doesn't sound like the greatest idea. Go buy a real hookah man.
  16. Most people seem to do fine with older tobacco, it's not going to harm you per-se, so why not just try it?
  17. Awesome article. Seems like it'll picking up for you real quick.
  18. Not a big AA fan. Their flavors are typically underwhelming
  19. I like the small...but it's all based on how much you smoke, ya know?
  20. Layalina. 1) Excellent flavors (esp their berrys and melons). 2) Amazingly thick smoke. Also isn't finnicky, it just works. 3) Good duration. 4) Always fresh
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