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  1. sorry buddy link doesn'te work.
  2. Im sorry this is pretty off topic, I smoked cloves for a while with a friend of mine, I liked them alot but went to a head shop to buy a pack and one of the girls told me that it causes bleeding in your lungs. I thought that it only happened with people that smoked them often. My friend who smoked like a pack every 2 weeks coughed up blood one night and me and him havn't smoked them since. Just a suggestion to move onto something more safer. Anyway I dont know of any flavor that tastes like Cloves, sorry.
  3. I bought a hookah that came with 4 Cobra Hookah hoses. The hookah hoses work pretty good, decent air flow and look great, But after every use, it seems like there is always ash stuck inside the hose, I blow as hard as I can and can feel ash particles in there, but they dont all come out unless I wash it with hot water, but thats a pain in the butt after every use. A friend broke two of the hoses so I wanted to replace them with better ones. I would like a hookah hose that has great air flow, but doesn't easily trap ash. I would greatly apprecaite any suggestions.. Thank you
  4. I keep my shisha in zip lock bags, i kept two packs of tangiers wraped up in 1 zip lock bag and all the shisha juices extracted from the shisha and leaked out.. and now it seems like all my shisha is dry.. should I keep it in a humid area?? mabye il put them both in two individual bags...
  5. Could somebody give me the sites where I could get these bowls, and how do they work.. will they longate my smoking if I have 4 people smoking out of 1 hookah. And where can I get a Ice cooler that can be put on any hookah, Ive seen them built on hookahs and saw one that could be put on any hookah online, but I lost the site, I would appreciate any help.
  6. HookahHebrew, I do listen to Matisyahu, great choice btw.. I actually went to his concert a couple weekends ago down here in FL.... I also like the down tempo, electronic type of music.. Some great down tempo songs are: Artist - Orbital Titles: One Perfect Sunrise; Haylcon and On and On; Belfast Artist - Delerium Titles: Serenity, Silence Artist - Massive Attack   Title: Teardrop Some other great artists in this genre are Rabbit In the Moon which are pretty hard to find and Diplo is one of my more favorites.. These songs are really chill, not for a party type of mood, and also for going to sleep  
  7. Here is one peice that I have always loved while smoking the hookah. Artist: Panjabi MC Song: Mundian To Bach Ke (Also Known As: Beware of the Boys) Im also looking for songs similar to this.
  8. dang.. i just saw his thread,... i dont like being that person that repeats threads.. so you can delete this one if you like, I dont think it will let me...
  9. So.. I've heard so much about Tangiers and how good of a Shisha it is... I have ordered 30 dollars worth of it online, but was only able to try out 2 flavors.. are there any small packages I could get online someplace.. such as 50g packages of different flavors?? And are differnet flavors of Tangiers more intense, buzz wise.. or does it only effect the flavor??.. Thanks
  10. I think most people know that certain music sets the scene in certain situations. I would greatly appreciate if anybody could recommend some awesome music while smoking the hookah. Mabye arabian, egyptian.. or any other types of music that will really go well with it. I listen to some Damian and Bob Marley while smoking now, but would love a larger variety, both chill music and dance.. thanks..
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