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  1. IS this for real? Why? BTW theres no link
  2. So here is a little something I put together. 20ga Anachist on a 1/4 I/d. Sitting on my Dark Horse. Clean Clean!! .15 Ohms
  3. Dual Parallels in the Darkhorse..... Clouds for dayzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. I can appreciate his effort and it is indeed a cool build. I personally find a nice super clean build is more impressive than something as wild as this, but is not very clean. A pair of ceramic tweezers would tighten up those coils quite a bit.
  5. Yeah, the juice well is considerably tighter than my V2. It does indeed go through some juice. I get about 3 pulls maybe 4 before I have to drip again. Only issue I have with this setup is that it can get considerably hotter than I enjoy. I can cool it off some by adjusting the AFC or dialing the voltage down, both of which result in less flavor and less cloud density. Its a fine line of heat/airflow control, a lot like smoking OG Tangiers. I really like this atty because you kinda get the best of everything for $25. if you want full on flavor, you can build a single coil and only use the bottom airflow. Or you can slap a dual parralel build in it bust open the AFC and chuck those choo choo train clouds.. Build quality is nice too. All around a great deal.
  6. Here is a pic of mine.. Got a single coil build in it right now. Twisted 24ga Kanthal alternating with 20ga Anarchist. Love it for full on flavor. Ohms out at .10
  7. ​I agree with you completely, The reason I am upset is because I actually placed the order 2pm THURSDAY... Again I completely understand that does not give much time to box and ship out on Thurs. but surely they could have shipped it out Fri. Also not being notified of this prior to placing my order was the biggest complaint.. You live and learn.
  8. So I will be brief...... OMFG punch you in the fucking mouth with flavor... NUFF SAID!! Seriously I will try and add more content and picture in a bit, but I wanted to say this thing is an awesome flavor atty.. For 30 bucks.. just buy one
  9. Sweet! I love that Fruit hoops.. Unfortunately, its about the only flavor of theirs I would reorder. Not that any of the other flavor were bad, its just they didnt really impress. Does the Pre-Steeped stuff seem any different from what you have smoked in the passed?
  10. I wanted to get the opinion of the masses on a situation that just happened to me. So feel free to share your thoughts, in a respectful manner. So I placed an order yesterday with a reputable vendor which I will not name.I have never ordered from this vendor before. The vendor is on the west coast, and I placed the order at 2:30 pm their time. I received a confirmation of my order immediately and a shipping tracking number a few hours later. I assumed the package would ship yesterday or at least today. Well after looking over some of the fine print in the invoice I came across a disclaimer that reads: "For any orders placed after 2pm PST on Thursday until Sunday, they will not be picked up by USPS until Monday. If you receive a shipping confirmation between Friday and Sunday, please be aware that your package has been packed but may not have left our warehouse. Thank you for your understanding." I am pretty upset about this because my order will not ship out until Monday, a full 4 days after I ordered it. Add to that the ship time from California to Savannah, GA (literally coast to coast) I will not receive my package until about 10-11 days after I ordered it. Now do a lot of online shopping and I have never run across a shipping policy such as this one. I mean I have ordered from guys who literally work out of their garage, and usually it takes about 24hrs to ship a package, not 4 days. I guess what I am most upset about is I was not warned about this BEFORE placing my order. If this disclaimer were clearly visible somewhere at time of check out, I may have been able to make a call as to maybe pay a bit more for express shipping, or cancel the order all together. I feel like contacting their customer service and saying "Since you didn't advise me of this prior to my placing this order, and my order has not left your warehouse yet, go ahead and cancel my order and refund me my money." You guys tell me.. What would you do? Am I just blowing this thing out of proportion?
  11. So here is a short update to really mess things up even more. I just received an order from MBV. I unfortunately messed up when ordering and clicked the 24mg button on one of my juice bottles. Long story short I have a 30ml bottle of Hawk Sauce with 24mg Nic. Funny thing is, its totally vapeable. It obviously has a considerable throat hit, and makes me pretty loopy. But I can indeed smoke it, unlike some of the other stuff I have mentioned previously.. WEIRD HUH?
  12. I personally have never used one of those things but its pretty clear you are burning the shisha. Cut back on the heat and you should be golden. TBH you're probably better off just getting some good coconut coals, but thats just my. 02
  13. I have been having a bit of a problem lately and I wanted to reach out to you guys and brainstorm what might be going on. First my background..... I vape and smoke hookah because I enjoy the experience. I am in no way addicted to nicotine. In fact can and have gone weeks and even months without smoking at all. That being said when I do smoke/vape I occasionally like a bit of a nicotine buzz. About 70-75% of the time I vape a 0mg nic juice, for the rest of the time I vape a 3mg. The problem I am having is that I am getting what seems like inconsistent throat hit/nic buzz/flavor from different juices. Now I know this is to be expected, but what gets me is that is occurring even from the same manufacturer with the same juice. For example, some of the first ejuice I ordered was from MBV and I really enjoyed it. So when I ran out I ordered the same exact juices, I mean Identical. The 2nd set of juices ended up in the trash because they were simply unvapable, the throat hit was insane, and the buzz made me want to puke. So I chalked it up to MBV having quality control issues. Example #2 I have a B&M shop by my house that I frequent and they mix their own juice. I have vaped their juices a multitude of times with and without nic, I dont even notice any throat hit on their stuff. This week I went in and got some juice from them. The 2 flavors I got in 3mg, again were unvapable, everything else was fine. Example #3 I purchased a bottle of Ruthless juice at another B&M in town because it was supposed to be really high end ($22 for 10ml) and I really liked the sample I tried. Again 3mg super throat hit. I vaped it because it was so expensive, but the only way I could vape it was super low wattage and AFC wide open, almost zero clouds. In comparison I got a bottle of vapewild fruithoops 3mg around the same time and it was my ADV for a couple of days until the 20 ml bottle was gone. I do have to mention, I did indeed steep the problem liquids adequately just to insure that was not the problem. On the contrary when I first started vaping I didn't even know what steeping was and just took juice right out of the vapemailbox and dripped it. I have also taken into account the type of build or even the atomizer I use. I have vaped some of the juices in the same exact atty to test it. The conclusion is "its the juice". I have also considered that it might have just been human error (someone mix too much nic in my juice by mistake) But I dont see that being a factor that often, even on the same order, same day, same order different days. What do you guys think? Do I have some hyper sensitivity to nic? I know most of these manufacturers use huge bottles of nicotine, could it be that the nic is more potent when its a fresh bottle? I am definitely confused. Sorry such a lengthy post
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