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  1. Weaving wicker baskets. It is a hard art to master, so many variables to account for. Weave type, shape, wicker strength, thickness. Truly an ancient tradition, baskets have been used for over a millenia.
  2. I would like to encourage everyone in this thread who hasn't already to watch Zeitgeist. You can get it from www.thezeitgeistmovement.com. Both The Movie and Addendum are worth seeing. It is an excellent movie criticizing our society and pointing out the many faults within it. It is really well thought out and not your average conspiracy movie.
  3. I personally don't believe in a god, but do not deny the possibility that one exists. It would be ignorant for me to think that I am certain of something I cannot prove. This brings me to my belief. I believe conciousness is in itself the ultimate accomplishment. I do not believe I was created by anything more than the outcome of probability. Some people say this takes the meaning away from life. I disagree. They say that if you are the product of random chance than there is no significance to your existance. I believe that this is what makes existance and conciousness so amazing and special. The fact that out of nothing but time and matter living beings arose, with the ability to think and reason, learn and communicate. It amazes me that life exists. I don't think somebody made life. And I do not know why people are concious, but I believe the simple fact that they are is the only thing that is important. I believe that when you die your conciousness ceases to require a physical form to exists. As you age and learn and become more aware and knowledgable your conciousness can exist as it's own entity. The body dies because it is no longer needed as a host to carry your conciousness. Death is not the end of awareness but rather a higher order of it. I understand why people would believe a god would exist but I consider life to be seperate from any outside forces, it is special simply because it exists, because it is that way, not because it was made that way.
  4. The thing that frustrates me most when trying to talk to people about freedom is that some idiot always comes out and says "but hey, it could be worse"... FUCK YOU! This bullshit mentality is the main reason that we are so far from freedom. Yeah sure, it could always be worse, but that is beside the point, there is no reason to stop working to MAKE IT BETTER. For example, I started smoking hookah some time ago and only had heard of Rosetta. After visiting this site I learned of the various other brands and found what I was missing out on. I did not look at reviews of Hookah Hookah, and say, "Oh, great, it could be worse, at least I'm not smoking that," and then return to my Rosetta. What I did was find better brands like Nakhla, Tangiers, etc. etc. and bought them instead. The point is not to settle for what we have, society should be constantly evolving until it is perfected. This will never happen, society is an imperfect thing, therefore we must always strive to improve it, the moment we consider our society to be good enough, or free enough, or advanced enough to stop working on it is the moment we lose all our value as a species, it is our job to improve and evolve, not to give up and settle for what we have. Barnaby - I think you were thinking of the Benjamin Franklin quote "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither." One of my favorite quotes, good reference.
  5. Well. Now we know... And knowing, is half the battle.
  6. 3 Cocos? That looks wonderful, I'll try your method tommorow, the way I've been packing I get thing smoke but good flavor, so I'm gonna try your way. I hope I can get it going as well as you, that looks awesome.
  7. QUOTE (Sonthert @ Apr 28 2009, 01:10 AM) They are very close now. Would anybody be down to have a little fun? Hookah John and I were talking about doing it in such a manner so that the flavors would be bunched in two or three groups of "mystery flavors" as a limited edition thing. Would anybody be interested in this, or is it a dumb idea? *Does the happy dance*
  8. QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Apr 15 2009, 09:18 AM) Oh and to update from my first post in this thread - I've listened through Hazards cover to cover 4 times now, and I still don't care for it. I give them credit for attempting a rock opera, but the Da Vincis of indie folk should really stick to portraits, and leave the murals to the Michelangelos. Part of my dislike comes from disappointment; I've seen and heard what the Decemberists are capable of, and I'm holding Hazards up to that high standard. Mostly though, it's just blasé. If a band is going to undertake a rock opera, they need to put together a seminal piece, I mean you're basically requiring your listener to sit and listen to your album for a solid hour to get the real experience of it; Hazards is no Wall. To quote Chris Parkin, "it sounds like Death Cab For Cutie covering Fairport Convention." Still, the worst of the Decemberists is still better than the best of most bands out there, and Hazards is, at the least, worth its megabytes on my iPod. Fair enough. I agree with a lot of what you said, and although I do like this album I would be happy if they returned to their earlier style. I've actually gone back to The Crane Wife because tHoL was getting stale. I still think they have grown tremendously as musicians though. I'm really hoping they don't go farther down this path with their next album, I think that they could quickly become a band that I don't like if they do, which would be extremely dissapointing based on what they are capable of.
  9. To each his own, I guess. I never liked the thumb rollers, they seemed extremely uncomfortable. What do you do mostly? Game? That is my main reason for using the explorer, so that might be why I have a bias against other trackballs, I'm sure they work fine for standard applications.
  10. But do they have 5 programmable buttons? and a long cord? I have owned a logitech trackball (http://images.novatech.co.uk/I139005.jpg) and can honestly say it isn't half as responsive as the explorer, nor as comfortable. The buttons were awkward because they had to be pressed from a certain angle, and it doesn't have a scroll wheel. The other Logitech trackballs I have seen are designed to be rolled by your thumb, an action that is extremely uncomfortable.
  11. Okay, I don't understand this at all. Microsoft created the best trackball mouse on the market, literally, it was unchallenged for the home user and the professional alike. It was comfortable, responsive, and durable, something no other trackball could say. But for some reason they took it out of production to focus on standard mice. WHY! First of all, it was the best out there, they had a clear advantage over their competitors (who are few in number due to the popularity of trackballs) so they had an opportunity to make serious money off this product. Second, people are extremely upset about this decision. This trackball was the only mouse many people actually wanted to use anymore, and now they have to pay people 100s of dollars on eBay to get them USED! Does microsoft listen to the people and put them back into production? NO! Even though people would be plenty happy to spend about 20$ more for the same product instead of the rediculous prices people are selling them for now. Yes, mine just broke, after years of use, and now I have to go through this crap about finding one that will work, and doesn't cost a fortune. I hate Microsoft, and the worst part is that I hate them because they make great products but don't understand how to help the consumer.
  12. Gaia: I didn't like it at first either. But after some time listening to it and getting to understand the story I found some great songs on it. If you don't like the heavier guitar than I can see why you wouldn't like it but I don't think it is drastically different from their other albums, they are still very much the same band but they seem to have become much better musicians.
  13. Anyone gotten this album yet? It's amazing, just as good as their other albums. It's a little heavier than their other stuff but it's great. The female singer has a much bigger role and I had no idea how amazing her voice really was. If you like The Decemberists I definately recommend it, if you don't like them...
  14. QUOTE (delSol_si @ Mar 30 2009, 11:58 AM) I am assuming these points you speak of are about as useful as the "Who's Line is it Anyway?" points? Good guess but they are, in fact, even less useful.
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