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  1. i wonder, is it possible you make your own auto seal system lol
  2. yeah we were experimenting around with it, and then that came to the conclusion haha either that or we just both inhale at the same time
  3. Okay, forums not letting me start a topic in the review section, so I'll just type it out here, and mods can move it there. This is my first review, and I know it won't be that accurate, and I am a novice on hookahs haha. 38" Khalil Mamoon Double Pear Two Hose =) Ordered it from TheHookah I don't have details pictures yet, because I snapped it out of a phone, so bare with it please =] Hose: The hose is black with wooden ends. It's quite long, and very flexible... no complaints whatsoever. Bowl: Egyptian Bowl, didn't have my tangiers funnel, but it still worked out fine. 7.5/10 Grommets: Decent base fit..when it stood up, it was still a little slanted, but I just supported with some stacked napkins to make it steady. The top grommet was fine though. 8/10 Vase: BEAUTIFUL vase. I couldn't take my eyes off it when I smoked it. 10/10 Stem: Very nice stem. The two blue pears really topped it off. I was planning to get an Exotica, but I got convinced to buy this one. 10/10 Tray: Decently sized tray with the KM logo imprinted on it. 10/10 Smoke: I started it off with a one hose, and clogged the second hole. Then we just added the second hose. When you pull one at a time, it doesn't make that much smoke, but we bared with it. It also doesn't have an auto seal system. 7/10 Cleaning: Easy to clean, comes with the cleaning brushes. I rinsed it off with warm lemon water. 10/10 Overall: Would not recommend this as a first hookah. In the past my first hookahs was the shitty chinese hookah espresso. I did a little more research and found the KM, which led me to buy the 31" Hafa which was a big difference from the chinese one obviously. This new 38" KM really hit the spot, although I wanted a one hose. 8/10 I would prefer this over the Hafa though.
  4. nyc is 5 minutes away from where I live, can you PM me or tell me how much for a phunnel bowl?
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