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  1. Switched to a protank 2 mini and a shorter ego battery (600). Think this is gonna be my final setup, barring a mod or two. I still haven't bought wick to do a swap, but my dumb buddy said he can do it and if he can, well...   Got stuck with some juice that's way too thick and it's gunking up my wicks. Anyone have experience thinning out juice?
  2. I got 7 MAC-11s, about 8 .38s, 9 9s, 10 MAC-10s - the shit never ends.       No, but I have something for every occasion. No .380, but handguns from .22 to .454. My baby is my 4" Python, but I lug around a G22 at 5:00. I got it for cheap so if shit goes down I'm not worried about LEO holding on to it for too long.
  3. Protank 1 and Ego twist holdin' for a few months now. I tried a wick swap but botched it on 1 coil pack, but I figure if I tried it again I'd be fine. Wick/coil swaps are <$3 at my local shop, anyway. Runnin 1.8ohm and right under 4 volts with 50/50, 12-16mg nicotine juices.   Going on 12 months absolutely no cigarettes. Remember me on TC chainsmoking? No more!
  4.   Boy you are gonna stick out unless you drop the "the".   What part of Austin?
  5. ^ Full disclosure my friend knew the owner   Also, get a pipe per person because they charge that way if you share. It's bullshit.   Actually, don't go there.
  6. Sultana hookah lounge near alphabet city was good to me. Check the address,
  7. I'm with Rani on this. Granted, I desire a tolerance to accommodate some sort of reasonable metrics, but outside of small to big it's a real concern. Price discrimination makes for more efficient enterprise. Fuck the theory, though - nobody likes being smooshed up against elbows and knees. I don't think it should be directly correlated with weight, but size classes above "bigger" should affect the price.   /fat guy who hates sitting in the middle //'MURICA
  8. What make/model motherboard do you have?
  9. ברוך אתה ה' א‑לוהינו מלך העולם, דיין האמת

  10. Did you state your religion? That's kind of illegal to ask of an applicant...
  11. I just want to open a kosher bbq joint. I want beef ribs, dammit! Tyler, shut up. You might feel crushed now and I understand why, but come on, man! You've got an awesome set of skills but you got let down. Fuck the haters, keep on!
  12. Do we have any friends in NYC? Jason... (like you'll see it!)

  13. Let's see... Buddy of mine let me hold his volcano kit for a while. Has clear, refillable atomizers and a big bottle of juice. He's thinking about switching to a local producer but he wants to make sure they don't use porcine glycerine or alcohol (Muslim). My friend left me with a Green Smart Living battery, charger, and a few disposable atomizers. It's OK, but I don't want to buy any sort of expensive kit because I don't want any artifacts when I eventually get rid of it.
  14. So I might be outing myself here but fuck it! Pepperoni pizza. Beef pepperonis are better but I still don't eat them with cheese, Also, Shipley's kolaches. Come on Texas, represent!
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