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  1. aint got time for jibba jabba.

  2. Yeah man, just been real busy with work and the like lately so I haven't been perusing the forums as often.

  3. Capt. Morgan bought my hookah from this thread. Communication was good & payment was quick. Thanks again for the sale, hope you enjoy it.
  4. The package has been sold, thanks for any interest & thank you buyer.
  5. Guess I should have checked around a bit, I simply based my price off of what I paid for it initially & how many times I used it. Anyhow, I'll lower the asking price accordingly and am now asking $90 - shipped con-us with all the things initially listed with it. Thanks.
  6. $15 price cut, Huzzah! Asking price shall now be $145 shipped. I'll get a mod to edit the main post. Thanks - Hobbs.
  7. I am selling my very lightly used KM Signature ice. Asking price is $90.00 shipped CON-US. Out of country buyers will have to cover shipping. Comes with a new, never been used Grand Caravan Washable Hose. (Black) Original accessories including tongs, Egyptian bowl and a vase brush. I lost the stem brush so I apologize, you're on your own there. I'll toss in a new box of Golden Canary coals. NO tobacco products will be shipped with this. Here's a link to the review & pics I did for it. It looks exactly the same since it was smoked 2 maybe 3 times since posting that. Please also note it does not come with the red/black phunnel... it broke. KM Signature Ice Review MF works ... I suppose. Money orders are also accepted. Thanks for reading, Hobbs
  8. If you don't get all your hookah stuff worked out shoot me a PM some time guns.. I'm in Va as well and would have some hookah supplies to spare for a man in need.
  9. Electrical Designer & student Working on becoming an Electrical Engineer
  10. Never used that particular one, but the home made ones I've tried (which were crafted decently) didn't do anything but make the hookah more quiet. Logically it seems impossible that it would produce more smoke. Perhaps smoother or cooler smoke since the bubbles are broken up therefore exposing more smoke directly to the liquid in your base since smoke swirling around in the middle of a large bubble may never actually come in contact with the water. Pure speculation though, I study electronics not liquid dynamics.
  11. QUOTE (joytron @ May 17 2009, 10:42 AM) wanna battle?
  12. Make a calendar of these pictures, sell to HF members, prosper.
  13. Welcome to the forums man, enjoy your stay.
  14. I found a (in my opinion) better power supply for a bit cheaper. Link Also I wouldn't recommend paying the extra for a .2 higher clock speed, you could easily overclock (if you were so inclined) the 3.0 to 3.2 (and much farther) in all of 20 minutes, and it would probably only add 1-2 C to your temps, if that. Also are you purchasing a heat sink for the CPU or using the stock one? (Not particularly reccomended, but doable) And as far as GTX 275 over 260, unless you were running on resolution higher than 1680x1050 you won't notice much increase in performance, not worth the $100 to me, but your rig would stay slightly more current slightly longer. The only other suggestion/option I have would be 2 x 500g HDD's in a RAID array, you could get better performance, or go for redundancy. I just don't like 1TB drives, too much information to be lost in the event of failure.
  15. I thought this was going to contain a story about some sort of haunted cup of Cappuccino for some reason.
  16. You could always set a box or two of open (fresh) baking soda in your room to absorb any lingering smells, I keep one in my closet because I don't want my clothes to smell fruity.. in fact it smells like absolutely nothing in there. Lasts about a month or two before it seems to lose its freshness.
  17. QUOTE (Canon @ May 6 2009, 04:55 AM) i throw them out, but i haven't found many stems in tangiers. (infact i dont think tangiers has stems) I was just about to say that, haven't ever really found any noticeable ones. On the other hand the few starbuzz tins I've had though have all had tons of 2"+ stems.
  18. I'm sort of starting a new exercise routine if that makes any sense. I work out as it is, but since I'll be starting up my new job doing a fair amount of desk work I've substituted more cardio activities with less weight routines. Office jobs suck.
  19. I've been smoking pretty much just Lucid (and Noir on/off) since my AF reserves depleted and I haven't touched my Nakhla in a few weeks, and here's what works for me. I use 3 CH Natural coals, I put them on their sides after they are lit and they stay on their sides for about 30-45 mins, then after they've dwindled down to about 2/3's - 1/2 of their original size, I don't worry about putting them on their sides anymore. (won't stay up anyway, too small) I don't have a particular rotation that I use, I just move them 60 degrees (roughly ) to a position that they previously weren't, about 3-5 times per round of coals. Sometimes though I forget and never move the 1st round and it still smokes good for about 45 mins, then you can tell it's time to rotate. I did just buy a scale so I can get you a measurement of how much shisha I'm using if you really need.. but I just eyeball the amount since I know exactly what works for me, which turns out to be moderately packed, not very light like AF, but not as much as Noir... some sort of happy medium. I poke 3 circles of holes, no more than 1/4" spacing between holes for the most part, sometimes I poke all the way to the bottom.. sometimes I don't, so far with Lucid it doesn't really seem to make a difference. I also do press down on the foil with the palm of my hand, then pull the foil taught again and poke holes til my hearts content. I use 1 layer of HD Au Foil, room temp or warm water.. and for the last month I've been using my KM pretty much exclusively. Also a small phunnel, grand hose.. all that stuff. I've also never had to really acclimate any Lucid flavors I've owned, I don't know if this is luck or what but I buy all my stuff from HJ. Noir though I do have to acclimate. Hope you can get some sort of helpful information out of that.. but if not, I'll take another stab at troubleshooting. Good luck with your Horchata, and mix it with cocoa.
  20. Welcome to the forums, glad you're having fun. Also good to see you haven't dove head first and did some research... I'm a bit of an information fiend myself.
  21. Welcome to the forums man.
  22. QUOTE (delSol_si @ Apr 28 2009, 01:26 AM) QUOTE (Sonthert @ Apr 27 2009, 10:21 PM) Are you kidding? EtOH is a great solvent. What does EtOH stand for? Ethanol is often abbreviated as EtOH, using the common organic chemistry notation of representing the ethyl group (C2H5) with Et.
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