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  1. aint got time for jibba jabba.

  2. Yeah man, just been real busy with work and the like lately so I haven't been perusing the forums as often.

  3. Are you still smoking hookah hobbs?

  4. Capt. Morgan bought my hookah from this thread. Communication was good & payment was quick. Thanks again for the sale, hope you enjoy it.
  5. The package has been sold, thanks for any interest & thank you buyer.
  6. Guess I should have checked around a bit, I simply based my price off of what I paid for it initially & how many times I used it. Anyhow, I'll lower the asking price accordingly and am now asking $90 - shipped con-us with all the things initially listed with it. Thanks.
  7. $15 price cut, Huzzah! Asking price shall now be $145 shipped. I'll get a mod to edit the main post. Thanks - Hobbs.
  8. I am selling my very lightly used KM Signature ice. Asking price is $90.00 shipped CON-US. Out of country buyers will have to cover shipping. Comes with a new, never been used Grand Caravan Washable Hose. (Black) Original accessories including tongs, Egyptian bowl and a vase brush. I lost the stem brush so I apologize, you're on your own there. I'll toss in a new box of Golden Canary coals. NO tobacco products will be shipped with this. Here's a link to the review & pics I did for it. It looks exactly the same since it was smoked 2 maybe 3 times since posting that. Please also note it does not come with the red/black phunnel... it broke. KM Signature Ice Review MF works ... I suppose. Money orders are also accepted. Thanks for reading, Hobbs
  9. If you don't get all your hookah stuff worked out shoot me a PM some time guns.. I'm in Va as well and would have some hookah supplies to spare for a man in need.
  10. Electrical Designer & student Working on becoming an Electrical Engineer
  11. Never used that particular one, but the home made ones I've tried (which were crafted decently) didn't do anything but make the hookah more quiet. Logically it seems impossible that it would produce more smoke. Perhaps smoother or cooler smoke since the bubbles are broken up therefore exposing more smoke directly to the liquid in your base since smoke swirling around in the middle of a large bubble may never actually come in contact with the water. Pure speculation though, I study electronics not liquid dynamics.
  12. QUOTE (joytron @ May 17 2009, 10:42 AM) wanna battle?
  13. Make a calendar of these pictures, sell to HF members, prosper.
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