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  1. Outisde of the halves of Coco's, I use two sml 1/2 of the 1/2 pre-scarred Exoticas. Just play with it. Sometimes I use 3, but, I'm inpatient. Use 1-2 + windcover (which in my experience adds 50%, not 100% heat (a whole new coal) and you'll get 2 or so coal rounds out of it. 3 didn't work for me well
  2. Ah..I know gift cards are tricky for small businesses (processing and taxes in some states). I'm selfish, I want them for myself re: birthday vs anything else, HAAH
  3. Love HookahJohn or Hookah-Shisha specifically (my two most trusty vendors), but I can't find links, nor tertiary searching via the forums. Are vendors offering these? Danke!
  4. Most small retail shops go $100-$300K in financing needs to supplement 3 years (not 1-2 years) of losses. Unfortunately for my friend who has an ice cream shop ($150k in startup costs, and that was with 30-50% deals on equipment), its only enough for two years and he is FLOATING barely in break-even. Everything you think you know about a business, double it. SBA's aren't loaning, banks are even worse...its rough out their.
  5. I would have to say given your reaction to my own banning, you are fair and are rational.
  6. She's a lovely gal, met her a few times (me and Santino are in the same area, I buy a bit off him, very knowledgeable and friendly)
  7. [quote name='Rani' timestamp='1300046221' post='501324'] Long long time ago, we had a thread about stems, and Eric chimed in that the concentration of nicotine is greater in the stems of the plant, so yeah you would get a bigger buzz. I generally ignore them if they fit in the bowl. Oh! And speaking of Eric, he recently announced that he's getting married! Yep, he posted it on his own manufacturers forum, so congratulations are in order. Might be you want to send him some! 'Rani [/quote] Good stuff to know, I felt that rationally, it would "burn" as its a more dense material vs the tobacco leaves. Congrats to Eric! Man's a beast (though never met him in person, with his discussions (rational even in heated debates (for the most part (re: small Tang bowls)), online presences and discussions CAN lead you to identifying personality types. He's probably fun to chat about the universe over some beers and "fuck off" mint (or whatever). Side note (because YOU did a side note missy!) my friend postulated a clove / horchata mix (noir). "the nose never lies) and he was correct. I've done 75/25 horchata / clove, and 50/50. I like the 75/25. Its brilliant! Close by itself is also very damn good. [quote name='ilikemyusername' timestamp='1299970921' post='501247'] why not save all the stems and pack a stem bowl? they'll smoke fine. I smoke all of my stems minus the freakin logs I find sometimes. [/quote] I like to do stupid things (like trying to add coconut oil). I'll try this out, report back (lol). And to the first response, Laylina is literally GORGED in stems, its ridiculous. But, I like Laylina's for the most part. They smoke like SB (not much smoke), but have decent flavors.
  8. I can't see my original post. If you PM it to me (to not be reposted), I would probably be more clear. My intent, from what I remember in my posting, was how a different coupon for these forum members worked better on H-S vs HookahJohn and how that should be fixed or at least responded too. Perhaps HJ's demographic of sales revolves around singular item purchasing vs his package deals, which is not conducive to his discount for this forum. I don't even recall a link to a different forum account, which is why I am not clear and still somewhat confused. The other forum post MAY have been showing the differences in the discounts for the forum members. In "sponsorship" I am taking a snide remark as to my feelings that maybe my ban was for pointing out a problem in HJ's discount vs H-S's for group-buying. But, maybe thats not HJ's point or target sales for group purchases. Group, meaning buy 3 packs of Tangiers for such and such.
  9. I find, especially for Tangiers OG, a yoga breath (from your Stomach, through your toes, etc.) works the best. in regards to Tangiers OG / Noir, it seems to "mitigate" for newbies that "kick." Unsure why. You are absorbing more oxygen (thus hookah vapor) breathing correctly. If you want a monster hit: Smoke deep into your stomach, fill the diaphram, Then move to filling the chest. Don't explode it out and you'll be amazed and whats pouring lovingly from your hookah laden lungs Edit: long-time cigarette smokers to me seem to have trouble inhaling Deep on hookah (for, logical reasons..many don't necessarily deep-puff unless they enjoy the 2 packs a day, as I used too ).
  10. Big deal? Or is that the weird punctuations of Burning flavor for 5 minute periods.
  11. Need to get into more dubstep, this was my first introduction and I loved it. But, energetic (angry'esque) doesn't suit me in hookah. No Lamb of God - Break You. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rx6prrO-jas[/media] The beginning part to my last hookah video..which, I have slacked so much on (working on a 60pg single spaced content based hookah site ). [media]http://www.youtube.com/xlhookah#p/a/u/1/Kfo8SWmCY2s[/media]
  12. If my trance buddies come over, its Qlive Max or DJ Fausto, Tiesto and the like. Other friends, hip hop. Other friends, trip-hop / mellow / Radiohead'esque (the trip-hop styled albums). Me (and my hippie friends), "yoga" or melodic music. Some below. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CxKZu_Afi0[/media] Song for Ancestors - by Juno reactor. Similar songs by them (most of it is "crap" to me, weird South America trance): Conquistador pt 1, Solaris (brilliant), Angels and Men. The movie to the above video is Avalon, an incredibly visual sci-fi russian (or polish?) flick. Some nice Apocalyptica [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14sRksQGgts[/media] I like so many different genre's that I don't mind (and want) the preferences of my folks music tastes playing along to hookah. When I'm meditating, with hookah, its pure silence, and, I tend to stop smoking after 10-20minutes anyway. Unless I'm thinking on hookah as life as smoke as glass, or something strange as such.
  13. Thats damn awesome, and something I am jealous, in a good way of congratulations of Cheers mate. Closest for me was working 80 hours a week. GF couldn't come over for my birthday (I refused, needing to sleep), so, I came home to a 12 pack of beers, a note, and handcuffs. HAHA. Tangiers is rough to pack, so kudos on your gal handling her business. edit: [quote name='king_lunchb0x' timestamp='1299871509' post='501093'] lucky my girl rolls her eyes and shake her head in disgust every time i get near the hookah [/quote] HEHE! My ex just hated the fact I constantly OCD managed my hookah coals, levels and packing.
  14. [quote name='antouwan' timestamp='1299883753' post='501133'] overpacking, as said above. but that wouldn't explain anything getting in your mouth. there is simply no way for any solid particles to go down the stem, bubble and float through the water, fly through the air and then into the hose. i've noticed with my nuhose that there does appear to be some residue inside the hose, but that's irrelevant of tangiers (i only use the hose i'm talking about at a lounge that only uses nakhla and AF) i suspect it to be tar, but really, i have no clue what it is. just keep the hoses clean and let them dry out and you shouldn't have anymore problems with this [/quote] If he's on a Mya, sometimes chunks come out via the corrossion of washing non-washable hoses, or, egyptian / syrian hoses tend to have TONS of junk in them (even out of box!) like a Rotator from H-S.com. Overpacking = juices down the pipe. Overpacking = HARD heat management for a good smoke session and flavor. Juices down the pipe (you DO have a hookah with a small amount of length between the water and hose port) = could be sucking up the water into the hose easier (too much water). Edit: I pack phunnels to JUST below the rim. I don't have a Alien (too small for me), but I do have a very small glass phunnel from Santino (brilliant btw, absolutely fantastic for 1-2 rounds. 2.5-3 is rougher) and pack it the same (its like 10 grams..VERY small, so probably comparable to the alien on that level. I like to adjust things ONE at a time, not several things to properly identify the problem. So first, do your packing. Next, heat. Next, water. I like a LOT of water in my hookah's (1-2" submerged, 3" is a bit much), but that only works for larger hookahs which have a LONGER distance from your water level to hose-port.
  15. Ahhh, THAT was my ban. I was unsure what it was. I guess next time I will send a prvt msg to hookahjohn on why his discount code doesn't make logical sense in light of other vendors offerings for the HF members, which I think should be important for the HF members. How...then does the "discount code" thread exist if we are now "sponsored" by Hookahjohn. Or am I missing the point? Explanation appreciated. Edit: Forum mention was a brainfart, that I don't even remember lol..gonna try to re-find that post if its not trashed (or, if you could send my post to me, I'll understand better). Cheers. Edit2: "Forum mentioned" = OTHER forum mentioned.
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