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  1. Hey everyone, I haven't been on for a few months and I don't know if this has been discussed yet but is there anywhere I can find nakhla mizo watermelon? I'm also interested in trying to get my hands on the mizo guava as well. Any help on where I can find some would be great!
  2. just doing a quick review, i ordered some nakhla off mahir and everything was excellent, i ordered friday night and he had shipped it saturday morning from florida where hes located. i recieved it today at 9am and im up near chicago, i cant believe it got here quick and wanted to thank you again mahir with everything!
  3. depending on the hookah maybe a chiller would do the trick, i put ice in my base sometimes but as mattarios said about the warm water ive tried that as well and i get bettter taste, with ice in the base it seems to lose alittle less favor from what ive experienced, thats just me though
  4. yeah im in illinois and the weather here has been horrible lately with snow and very cold weather, im hoping my order doesnt get delayed but im sure it will lol
  5. i agree with click about starbuzz and hookah bars everyone i go with is lets get starbuzz and i just say you guys can and ill get another hookah and get af or nakhla lol
  6. go for a mya qt, there very easy to clean and they smoke amazing
  7. i would say the large would may fit just shove it on maybe? it reduces the bubbling nose your hookah makes
  8. ive put a couple drops of vanilla extract in some cafe latte before and that came out really well, ...only a few drops though, i wouldnt put that much in at all
  9. yeah if your not looking for a buzz af isnt the way to go, but i agree with stuie on the coals get some naturals and probably a windcover
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