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  1. It seems that the lifting of this ban has popped the thread! Its good to see these puns rollin'
  2. [font="arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif"][size="2"]I've got one of L from Deathnote. Not a real cosplay but I was bored, and my bed hair matched the characters. [img]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y55/aznspike/Capturecam_1_20090903_013113_0.jpg[/img][/size][/font] HAHA, it gives me a good laugh now and again everytime I see this.
  3. I usually perfer eating before a smoke, never anything during though. I find that things like candy/chips/finger foods throw off my taste buds when I'm trying to enjoy my shisha. This doesn't change anything about having something to drink during my session though. I enjoy soda or tea during the smoke, depending on the flavor. Most of the times it compliments what i'm smoking.
  4. Scoooottttt where arrreee yooou?

  5. Hey guys, I just stumbled upon this hookah lounge that opened last week in Concord, CA. The ambiance of this lounge is unbelievable! The environment is so chill, you've got dim lights, soft music, and best of all all KMs! They use KM single pears and carnivals, AF coco coals, and at the moment they're serving starbuzz, and AF. They've got more in the works as of the moment. As i said, this place opened up last week, and this is the only hookah lounge in concord (the closest being in albany or el cerrito) The owners are servicing everyone at the moment, but you'll get the friendliest and fastest service around. They'll check on you and your coals very often, almost to the point where your bowl is always heated, and your coals are always near new size. If you guys have any questions, post em up!
  6. Jay, you have a "this one"? I think i have his brother, "That one" he is currently living with the unknown ebay brass km that I call "Hana."
  7. I don't know man, i've owned the large af solid, and that bottom tray was HUGE, also iirc the bottom tray did not have a dip as the top tray would, it was purely aesthetics. I say they didn't set up that tray in the right area, i mean look at the tray holder thing, it just looks normal.
  8. Is it me, or is that tray misplaced... could be an unknown Egyptian brass km (the heart kinda looks like my brass km), mind you that there are many MANY different types of kms that never made it to America.
  9. soy cupcake soup.... happy birthday Jay!!
  10. Haha I do! Or was it Adrock's wife... Its somewhere along the lines of that. Say, does hotels usually let you smoke in some part of the hotel? Maybe I'll bring something to set up before I call it a night or something.
  11. Haha thanks everybody! I'll be Vegas bound in a few hours, wish me luck! Might I add that Hannah Montana's party last year was AMAZING. Loud pop music, fruit punch, and the wall... That's the only thing I needed... Oh, and a Hannah Montana party hat.
  12. Hope it's a great B-day for you man.

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