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  1. I quit coming around for a lot of reasons. About four and a half years ago I landed a new job. I was working 10 hour days 6 days a week. At the end of the day I found myself just wanting to rest and not do anything else. Time went by and I just stopped doing it. I also stopped coming by the forum because of all the new faces. There was a time in my life where I didn't have a lot of 'real world' friends but I saw a lot of people on here as friends. One by one they quit coming around... some just didn't have time to log on... some quit smoking all together... and some got banned. It was tough logging back in and seeing everybody was gone. I took the first week of September off, burned up some vacation days. In the weeks leading up to my vacation I was thinking of things to do and smoking hookah was one of them. So I busted out the KM I bought from Stuie and ordered my favorite flavors. I couldn't find my old medium Phunnel so I had to order a Vortex to make due. Day one of my vacation came and I packed my bowl full of Orange Soda (probably my favorite) and felt all the memories come rushing back... The first time I tried smoking hookah, the first time I dropped a coal on the carpet, the first session I got just right (it was AF rose flavor), to the first time I got a bowl of Tangiers just right... And I realized how much I truly missed it. A lot has changed in the almost 4 years since I last smoked. The cut of Tangiers being the biggest shock. Last time I bought some it had thick long cuts of tobacco, and now it's a moderately fine cut. I've been smoking from the hookah I bought from Stuie everyday for just about a month now and I don't ever want to look back. As I'm typing this I'm chugging away on a Pico bowl loaded with Tangiers ololiuqui. ANYWAY I apologize if that was tl;dr.
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