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    Well folks, it's that time again! After an awesome turnout for the second HP, I'm pleased to announce our THIRD HookahPaloozah will Be September 21st (Wednesday) from 8:00 pm to Midnight. Bring out your hookahs, anything you would want to trade, the sky is the limit! This has all of the makings of an awesome event! Live music, great hookahs, and great people. Come out and meet other people who share the same passion as you do! We would love to have you out! I trust you guys with hookah more than anyone else, but I still have to say this for liability reasons... HookahPaloozah has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any paraphenalia WHATSOEVER at the event. Only tobacco is permitted at the event, NO EXCEPTIONS.) We will hold the event in the Ravine (outside amphitheater) on Eastern Kentucky University's beautiful campus. I hope every one of you tries their best to make it out, and can't wait to see some familiar faces! Please PM for any comments or questions.
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    For a desktop I use a Mac Mini. Works great. First switched to Mac in 2009 for editing and photo software. They are great computers. For a laptop I just got a MacBook Pro 13" on Monday. I love it! Both computers serve me well.
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    What's really interesting about this is that everyone is aghast about the waste and fraud and eager to pass laws to prevent it from happening again. BUT,no one says anything about holding anyone accountable for fraud. Oh no, too many big campaign donors involved I guess on both sides of the aisle. Just makes me want to puke
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    That's so sad... So depressing. I respect our soldiers and thank them for fighting for our freedom, but I don't feel us being over there in the Middle East is fighting for our freedom. What will protect us is leaving and respecting THEM as their own people and not meddle in their affairs. In my opinion, we're just sending our soldiers over there for the wrong reasons. It's sad that they are dying. Anyway... that dog... man... so sad.
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    If the Hookah Island goes well, we now know who will provide pipes for everyone.
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    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Intelligence is not putting it into a fruit salad.
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