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  3. I don’t think I’ll ever really quit. I just take breaks years at a time.
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  5. Since I bought my own hookah recently I pretty much exclusively smoke Al Fakher since I prefer simple, universally pleasing flavors and that’s all the corner store next to me stocks up on. I have smoked every flavor of Al fakher that I am interested in smoking and looking to try other companies. so I was wondering besides Tangier, do any of the other brands like nakhla, Romman, Starbuzz etc. Require any acclimation process?
  6. So 2 week back i started Hookah and it was going well i wasn't adding a lot of flavor due to inexperience the smoke was good but my bowl broke and bought a new one using the new bowl first two sessions were great i was getting the hang of it and then tried Double apple and Sour Paan the taste of these two was amazing but my flavor burned which gave me a stinging feeling at the back of the throat. I want to ask is how much flavor should i use and should i add a double foil layer i have a steel based Hookah its pretty common one here in Pakistan what is the best method to make a perfect Shisha can anyone please help
  7. Whatever flavour I get from Al Fakher lose taste after a few days. I know it's not my hookah's setup cause the first few times it tastes great. I got a strawberry and mint recently, mixed them in a plastic container, stored in a cupboard, I stir it good before packing to get the juices out, I use my fingers to crumble it and just let it fall into the bowl, middle hole open for air, coconut coals, double foil etc. Am I doing something wrong with how I store it?
  8. Hi , im new here and new to the world of shisha. Iv smoked it a fair few times in cafes but now looking for my own setup. I would love some help and suggestions on a starter setup, reasonably priced but decent and preferably able to take more than one hose and maybe upgrade compatable parts in the future. I was looking at Khalil Mamoon cafe style but realised they only take one hose. Also if anyone can recommend the best british website i could order these from so i can be sure i am buying genuine parts Thanks in advance
  9. Hi everyone, new to this forum! Huge hookah enthusiast from Ontario, Canada.
  10. I've been steaming a lot lately and am loving it but I want to start making my own mixes. Does anyone know where I can get the vleaned dry volcanic rock? Im talking about the stones without any flavor yet. Thanks
  11. Please ask the experts for the double apple flavor ingredient. Where can I actually buy it? Thank you.
  12. Yeah..it really has it is rather sad, made some great memories with this community on tc 🤷‍♂️ but so is the way with forums unfortunately..
  13. Kinda sad. Just poked in here too, looks like a ghost town. Ah well
  14. Legit Generally, KM's aren't often knocked off and if they are they're east to spot. Even thought they're good quality, They're so inexpensive that it's not worth China making fakes. Yours is, in my opinion, clearly genuine. Enjoy
  15. I'm sure original Egyptian tobacco was just tobacco and honey. Stop me if I'm wrong but I think the tobacco is soaked in water for a while, then patted as dry as possible, then steeped in honey for a while, chopped then smoked with no foil, just coal on top, or at the time probably carbonised bovine feces
  16. Just signed up want to say hello, anyone else here from North East England? My usual setup is Old as fuck KM Magix silicon hose Egyptian clay funnel bowl or a Magix Egyptian clay deep egy style Foil and coal, no hmd because I'm old school Usually smoke "fake" Al fakher from miansons.co.uk or whatever I can pick up on ebay as tobacco is hard to come by in England.
  17. Long time no see friends! Just sitting here in my new location in the US smoking my KM with some fumari spiced chai wondering the state of the Hookah Forum. In any case have a great day guys! *mods if in the wrong location my apologies*
  18. From what I've learned, Steam stones are minerals coated in flavor & glycerin.. How can one go about making these? or even wholesale.. not much information about it on Google.
  19. What are some of the non-tobacco herbal substances made out of, I've heard Tea leaves being used and even these things called steam stones... I'd like to understand more about these substances so If anyone has some insight for me, I'd gladly appreciate it.
  20. So I'm currently in the process of making my own shisha tobacco, I'm not to fussy about the taste for now but I'm wondering if it would be alright if I just used honey and no Glycerine? Or would that not work? Also if do need Glycerine is there a specific one? Thanks
  21. hey there people, new joinee hukkah enthusiast here.... im here to learn from people around the world and also to give away what knowledge happy smoking
  22. So I've been smoking off and on for about ten years. But just recently, I've been smoking way more often, twice a day--in the afternoon for about an hour, and then at night with beer for about 2 hours. Over the last few days, I've been noticing a sting in my throat, whether of not I'm smoking, and it's not a sick kind of sting. Is this normal? Is this a sign that I need to cut back, or a sign of like throat cancer or something serious? Because I love my hookah. I'm a work-from-home-mom and it's the only thing that keeps me sane with my two rowdy toddlers! But at the same time, I don't wanna die lol Any comments appreciated :) It actually feels kind of like acid reflux, but I have no other acid reflux symptoms, which is why it's concerning.
  23. Hey all, Does anyone here know the average square footage size of a well-spaced hookah lounge? I saw someone mention something about a space about 1200 ft. I'm just trying to figure out a floor plan idea. If it matters, something with a small commissary kitchen inside would work too. Thanks in advance!
  24. Could you take it apart and post a pic of the top of the base? Most of them are interchangeable and a basic base is inexpensive and easy to find online. Measure the hole in the top, and just order one with the same size neck. It doesn't have to be the same brand or same model, usually. And yeah, people break them a lot. Often when they pick up the hookah to move it, and they pick it up by the stem and not by the base, which then falls off and shatters on the floor. Or pavement.
  25. First of all, make sure that there are no leaks. To do this, seal the palm of your hand onto the bowl, and try to draw through the hose. You should not get any air at all, even a little. If air is getting in, then you need to find the leak. Take off the hose and try blocking the far end of the hose with a finger and draw on the mouthpiece. If you get any air, you have a leak. See if the mouthpiece or handpiece are removable. If so, maybe the seal is bad. Anyway, keep your antique hose for display, but get a modern hose for smoking. If the old hose checks out good, then try sucking in on the ferrule, the part where the hose fits into, with your hand sealing the top of the bowl. Does it still leak? Remove the bowl and seal the top end of the tube and try again. Still leaks? Maybe the tube doesn't seal well to be base. Or the tube is in more than one part, screwed together, and they are not properly sealed. Okay, so let's say you have no leaks or you have fixed all leaks, and you get good air flow through the hookah. Oh wait... DO YOU get good air flow? Maybe you should use a bowl with bigger holes in the bottom. Maybe the tube is clogged up with years of built up crud. Maybe you are filling the base too full with water. Maybe the hose is crimped or coming apart inside. Anyway do what you must to get good flow through the hookah. One common mistake is to pack the bowl too tightly. The mu'assel or shisha or whatever you call the smoking mixture where you are from, should be filled loosely into the bowl and tamped down lightly. Air must pass freely through it. Poke plenty of holes in your foil. Try without the screen and without the cap. Make sure that the foil is sealed well to the bowl. What kind of coals are you using? The top of the shisha should be about 1/4 inch below the foil. The foil may sag down slightly from the weight of the coals but that is okay as long as the foil is not actually touching the shisha. That bowl looks like maybe it was not meant for smoking shisha? I am looking at how small the holes are and how close together they are. I think you ought to try a different bowl. You can get them online for around $6. And are you sure that this is an actual hookah meant for smoking, and not just a display item of some sort? I notice your hookah is standing on a nice carpet. Sooner or later you will knock a coal off and burn a mark in that nice carpet. If it is truly an antique then very likely it was not made to use silicone rubber grommets. You will need to wind white adhesive/bandage cloth tape until the thickness is right, then seat the part tightly so it makes a good seal. In the old days they used wet cloth or leather. Or you can try adding modern silicone grommets. Your coals should preferably be out at the edge of the bowl and not in the center. Most smokers do not like the quick lighting round tablets. Natural lemon wood charcoal is considered the best but the compressed coconut charcoal cubes are good, too. Let them burn long enough to have a coating of ash before you begin smoking. They will be difficult to light. Usually we use a gas or electric cooking burner or a fire can or a propane torch such as what plumbers use, to light them. So to recap, 1. make sure that there are no leaks. If there are, isolate and fix them. 2. Make sure you have good airflow through the hookah and if not, fix that. 3. make sure tht your bowl is packed loosely and to the correct level. 4. use decent coals, lined up around the edge of the bowl top 5. replace any part that does not seem to be doing what it is supposed to do.
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