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To Adrock, Ashan can’t start posts

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One of our members, Ashan, can't start new topics, so I am posting this
on his behalf. From what I know, Ashan uses Firefox and whenever he
tries to start a new topic he get's a blank page. He can reply to
topics and use the chat feature, just not post new topics. I was
wondering if you could help in any way.


You left before I could ask these: 1, Can you actually log in? 2, Do
you have cookies enabled? 3, Do you have any kind of security on your
comp? IE: browser security, firewall, etc.

Everyone else-

Any ideas that might help?

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Hey, Luckily I can post replies, to be specific when I click "New Topic" theres no field box for "subject" and the forum doesnt allow a new topic without a subject, hence my problem. I appreciate any suggestions you have to offer.

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I have compacted the database. This should help out. I am also in the
process of upgrading to a SQL server. This new database structure will
be much faster and support thousands of concurrent users on the forum
at the same time.


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