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cause of vomiting, headache, dizziness ?

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Just started hookah smoking but within 15 minutes I feel very sick. it takes 90 minutes to back  near normal

Can you tell cause of vomiting, headache, dizziness, head spinning ? is it charcoal or the nicotine/tobacco/ flavor ?



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Your sickness may come from every of the points you said.

But the first reason should be the nicotine if you get sick that fast. By myself I know headache from charcoals but many hours after smoke or like on the next day. 

Another reason can be that you don't breath enaugh fresh air maybe open a window to not get sick. 

Try different tobaccos, try different charcoals and if the sickness stays hookah smoking is not good for you just leave it




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Today i try another orange tobacco flavor  but same charcoal.  i feel less sick dizziness & headache after smoking hukka for 30-45 min.  also i stop smoking when i feel vomiting.  now i am recovering stage. I will give you full report latter.


Thanks again. 🙂

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