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Problems with Tangiers Cane Mint Noir

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Hi, Hookah friends, Have any of you experienced any serious problems with Cane Mint Noir?
I bought a good amount of this tobacco in the last few days, and in all of them I had the same problem.
The packaging was of the old (without the warning sign), but following all the patterns to be 100% original.
The problem is when you open the tobacco. The same is 100% sealed inside the vacuum, but when opening, they do not have any Tangiers tobacco smell.
And when smoking, the problem gets even bigger. They do not taste anything, it's like smoking a shisha flavored water, it does not look like Tangiers and the quality it has.
Has anyone ever had this problem? If so, how did you decide?
The problem was only with Noir, I got some Burley together, and they were perfect, all of them, and the Noir, they were all horrible.

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