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Is this mold/rust

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Hi fellows,

I recently cleaned/washed my stem with vinegar/baking soda and noticed some brown/orangish coloring on the bottom of the stem


Wondering are these mold/rust in the pictures

Is this mold >https://imgur.com/a/JoX1nSu

Is this rusted?  https://imgur.com/a/PuISpA1


Thanks in advance

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Hey hello!

I don't know. This caaan be rust and that , the other picture - didn't were to notice before all these mountains in your stems? xD I had such mountains in once too but I get it like that from my vendor

Oh problems with time today I spent too much time dreaming.. 

Uhm... why don't you use an easy cleaner? I use easy cleaners like we use for dishes together with a brush for each the stem and the base - nothing to ask then

Nice to hear from you :)


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