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Vanilla Flavour Concentrate

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Hey my friends!
Inspired by a different topic which was about all weak vanilla tobaccos - I got question right now ;)

I diy style my own hookahtobacco all day and nights long and now.. I want that too this vanilla sky high love flavour king tobaccos.

What is your best exeprience in Vanilla Flavours - there is Vanilla and there is Tahiti Vanilla flavour concentrate which one will fit better in a dark tobacco?
Tahiti is like I'm in informations more spicy but I don't want to buy bad so I ask.


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What flavor concentrates do you use.  Like how can I find it to buy it?

Being in the US, it isn't worth it to start from scratch but I might get some to boost the flavor of a weak Vanilla hookah tobacco. 

I can try like that and let you know what I think. 

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