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i have been smoking shisha for like 8 years but mostly at shisha bars but theres been a ban on shisha in my city so i had to buy one for myself but the problem is that i cannot for the life of me make a decent smoking hookah and its been like 4 years. i have tried some different techniques,different hole patterns.. i have packed it all every way i can think of like completely packed flavour , less flavour,flavour on the middle and on the side but the smoke i get is either thick but tasteless like just smoke without any flavour and/or insanely harsh. i have this party coming up and i got to make a decent shisha and i was wondering if any one can help as what could be the problem.also i read on another post that you guys help fixing problems via webcam(could be whatsapp or any other video app nowadays).it'd be really helpful for me for the pros to give me some tips or get me on video call.one thing i have to say is that since i dont have natural coconut coals available in my city(i could probably order them online but i'd have to wait for them for a while) i have the silver coal slabs or the magic quicklight  coals but i often use black coals the ones that i use for barbeque. i recently              ordered the kaloud heat management device but it hasnt been shipped yet.so do tell if that will help and i would love if anyone could help out via video. 

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Hey guy!

All tips I ever heared at once

1. Heat up Tobacco slowly, put coal on, a heatshield (or however you call this thing you can put uppon the  bowl) and wait fife to ten minutes than remove the heatshield
2. Don't do much and don't do to less tobacco in the bowl
3. Maybe add a glass milk to the water
4. Maybe heat up your bowl before put tobacco in
5. Don't use much or less foils
6. Maybe have a realy little space left between foils and tobacco

That's it but if this can help you out I don't know

Ah another thing left
If you smoke cigarettes you might not get it to a smooth smoke but that's your habit how to breath in smoke then

Good luck ;D

Edited by Dominik

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Why not what is your experience/the problem with it?

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