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Any leafonly.com experience ??

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Hey Friends!

I need your help now please does anyone have made any experience with the tobacco leaf shop leafonly.com?

I gave up all the leaf shops we have in germany because they all sell moldy leafs and my self gardening project is stopped because I don´t have space anywhere to hang up the leafs I need - you need so much space to hang up just a kilo I can´t do that at all.

Please help now I realy want to have some good quality tobacco leafs and I don´t know whre else I can get them.

Is the leaf quality worth buying there or is it not?


I try since times to get original egyptian Nakhla but I can´t, there is no shop - I ordered in USA and it just has not the original quality, I ordered in turkey and get ripped off by the shop, I ordered in europe and swiss and got no original quality Nakhla stuff, so I decided since times I do that my own but how to get leafs? German leaf shops they rip you off how is it about leafonly.com?

Please help me anybody?

thank you


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I just buy there now. All I found on reviews was very good  - unboxing videos on youtube good reviews in cigar boards, so I´m in with them and post a review on my own as I got my stuff.



Organic Burley

Dark Air Cured


And some Semi Oriental Tobacco Leafs

let´s have a look if that was luck to do, I´ll post some pictures too then



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