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HUGE Tangiers Cane Mint Issue

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Hey guys, i am a hookah smoker for 7 years...

Worked at a hookah lounge in LA for 3 years...


Anyways i have a very huge issue, my tangiers cane mint has been very very bad for quite some time...

IDK what the hell im doing wrong and i will literally go berserk if i don't find out how to fix it, like cane mint has been such a huge help to my life(i know it sounds crazy) but i've literally smoked it all, from star buzz(which i hate) to fumari to zagloul anything u name i've tried it.... 


but tangiers cane mint got me hooked,the flavor is phenomenal and amazing, 


So when i first bought the flavor it was perfect never any issues, then apparently after the 2 owner's split up it felt like the quality of the tobacco went downhill, seems like i needed to acclimate it more or just let it sit out and it just seems like there was more to it since the quality has changed.....


now anytime i smoke it, it's very inconsistent,whether it's fresh out the bag or been in my container for 2 weeks it seems to have that nasty soy sauce flavor and it's overly strong but i can handle it,it's just gross it doesn't taste good,i've tried everything 


-overpacking it and putting coals straight on and start it up fast

-overpacking and edging it and starting it slow

-underpacking and starting fast and vice versa....

-even pressing it tight or leaving it loose,same with everything


Its literally been affecting me as a person, i work full time and run a side business,and coming home after being out since 7am and back at 7-8pm i wanna come home to a good hookah and it's just not happening...


My setup:

1.Pharoah Katalyst Hookah

2.MOB Gold carbon fiber hose

3.Predator Mini Bowl/Hookah John Alien Bowl

4.Fumari Coco Burner

5.Coco Earth Charcoals

6.Reynolds Heavy Duty Foil 


BTW when i pack the bowl,i just pack it to the top, i make the foil extra tight,i poke 2 circles of holes around just the way anyone else does...


and as for charcoal i used to cook it a lot,but now i cook it until all the black is gone, and let it sit after for like a minute then put em on....


Please if anyone can help me i'll send you a gift card or something😂😂😂🤷‍♂️

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We talked about this earlier but I want a giftcard or a coupon or things. I want things so

Your problems might all get solved if you trust alot. Have trust, have patience. And don't pray om in you're meditations pray ähh or öhh or things you laugh about

That's all problems solve.

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