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What type of bowl is this and how to pack it?

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Hey guys!

New to smoking hookah, and i have a question about the bowl I got. 



So, is this a funnel, or an egyptian style one? And do i only pack it to the "bump" in the middle, or all the way up? Also, can you guys tell if its ceramic or clay from the pics? I read that ceramics not that great and my first two sessions burnt the tobacco a bit. Used thick foil designed for grilling and two BlackCoco natural coal cubes and followed all the guides out there. Placed them on the edges and moved them about every 10mins or so. 

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It was originally designed by Tangiers and Called a Super Chief.

It is originally designed to be packed all over so it's a combination phunnel and Egyptian. But I typically just pack the phunnel portion and smoke that way to save on shisha.

If it's that harsh add more tobacco or less heat. Cut your cocos in half

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