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I have been smoking hookah at home for a few months and visit hookah bars locally. My hookah at home and at local places gets about the same flavor... I haven’t dialed it in good, but it is close to the bars.


I recently was out in Orange County CA and visited a couple great hookah bars... the flavor was insane, like 10x what I’ve had before. Standard Egyptian bowls.


What is different? I noticed they seem to pack the bowls high. I usually keep mine below the rim and pack it loose. If my shisha is over the rim or I don’t hang my coals over the edge, place them too much on the foil, it gets a burned taste.


Their foil was bulging up over the rim and the holes were larger, they could place the coals directly on without any burning and the smoke was hot/warm and full of flavor.

What am I doing wrong to not get this insane flavor?

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A lot of factors... but it sounds like you think if the tobacco touches the foil it is a bad thing. If there is an air gap between the foil and shisha, the air becomes super heated and will burn the shisha, and kill the flavor. Pack more.

What brand of shisha are you using?

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I heard you have a lot different rules how tobacco can be 'manufactured' in the different states, is that right - can be wrong don't know xD

Maybe you get your tobacco from the state they are in.




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