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Roasted DIY Shisha Recipe

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Hello! (You know abe from oddworld hehe :D )

I improved. It got these flowerie smells in now that come from tobacco.

Today I want introduce to you my new inventions: The Roasted One

What you need:

100gr Tobacco (leaf, cut down, quiete dry)
130gr Honey
160gr Glycerin (Vg 99.5%)
40ml Water
20ml Aroma (the most intense you can get or just no Aroma)
Roasting Bag
Heating Plate
Smsll Pot

1. Step
Put the Tobacco in the Roasting bag, roast for 20  - 30 minutes on lowest level (125w is mine than) until it's quiet not smoking - look carefully after it: no smoke is no good, smoke is bad.

2. Step
Put all liquish ingredients in a small pot, heat up until it's cooking, don't burn your honey

3. Step
Put the sauce over the ready roasted tobacco and do that mix in your roasting bag again.
Put it in the microwave again on smallest level and give it up to 15minutes. More and my honey burns, but as long as possible.

Let the shisha cool completly down, takes a few hours.


I had to wait something like a half year because I can't get tobacco leaf in germany and so I gardened a bit.
I gardened Baffra Basma, Samsoun, Burley and virginia but the last not for shisha.
It all grows very very vell, tastes great.

Thank you for listening, just try.
And be carefull, while shisha is in the microwave the honey can burn the tobacco that's no good and which is also a no good situation is when honey starts caramelizing in the microwave.



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Awesome Recipe!


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Thank you :)

you can leave water out or add less, it's a bit waterie I recognised

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I want to hold this roasted shisha thread up to date and please don't forget I'm always a bit improving my recipes and techniques.

What we can try is (and I do that right now) is just roast with glycerin and flavpur in, then nothing could burn (honey) and give warm honey to it when I stop roasting - that's a bit like close up the tobacco.

I want to have the most dry tobacco at the end I can have without having a hard smoke and so I try next sth like one to one with glycerin and quiet dry tobaccos. I think that can be absolutely enaugh glycerin and give sth like half the weight of tobacco of honey on it to close.

Takes a while like a month or sth cause I need to harvest tobacco and dry and so on but than I can mske another try of improvement




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Last post - you can do that. Half and half tobacco glycerin ist good if your tobacco is wet enaugh. Hot Honey at least is good and to kill the honeys piss peak you can add a hint of blackstrap melasses

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