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Try Hurricane! The NEWEST flavor from Ugly Hookah!

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Delicious blend of Sweet Mango with a touch of Lime for the perfect taste that might need a warning! 

At Ugly hookah tobacco we take pride in our shisha product and we are committed to providing only the best quality hookah tobacco with a variety of delicious mouthwatering flavors.

Our customer feedback is very important to us. Your input resulted in producing the best shisha tobacco with a long lasting flavor which simply doesn’t give up.

Ugly hookah tobacco is manufactured in the united states at our factory in Oak Lawn, Illinois and is made in small batches which are packed upon order for guaranteed freshness. pick up a can of ugly hookah tobacco and see for your self why “UGLY NEVER TASTED SO GOOD”.


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Well I am just getting back into hookah after a 2 year hiatus, I have seen your stuff pop up but have not had the opportunity to try it yet.

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