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Can We Do Something About Chat

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Okay, so I like it how Chat is on the homepage and all and I think it's important to have it there for noobs to ask questions until they find the Chat tab at the top, but I was wondering if we could do something... I remember how when the forum switched over we lost the chat on homepage but I really liked the Chat that we had when you clicked the Chat tab at the top where it opened a new window. Yes, we have that now to be able to open Chat in a new tab or window and view it big, but it doesn't work as nicely as the other one did. The Chat we had right after the switchover had no lag, didn't automatically scroll back down when someone typed, and had sound notification options. It was quite nice. .us has this chat now that they've upgraded. Reminded me of why I missed the old one here. So is there any way we can get that Chat back for the tab at the top but still have a small chat window on the homepage? Right now the Chat on the tab is just like the homepage one, just bigger. I'd like it if we could eliminate the lag and auto-scroll, mainly.

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