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Cloud9 Hookah Lounge SA - Howzit

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Howzit (South African greeting) to all hookah enthusiasts.

I am Ahmed. Proud owner of the Cloud9 Hookah Lounge with Middle Eastern Cuisine In Johannesburg South Africa.

We started the Hookah Lounge in August last year. Business was slow at first but now have regulars that are at the lounge everyday.

Weekends are busy with the guys coming in to watch football and other sports. The Hookah community in SA is steadily growing.

With some suppliers in SA importing hookah's, flavors etc. from other parts of the world, we have seen a huge increase in the interest of hookahs and hookah lounges.

Looking forward to sharing my hookah lounge experiences as well media with you guys. Check us out on www.cloud9hookah.co.za and on Instagram : Cloud9hookah

Keep those pipes LIT ;)

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