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What is up all? Free Hookah Coals

Hi All

Recently I started producing hookah coals purely from coconut shell charcoal. If anyone in the US would like to try some new natural handmade hookah coals for free and provide me some feedback it would be much appreciated. Please feel free to PM me. Cheers

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Good luck in buisiness ;)

Say, which 'design, I don't know how to say it in english - what I mean is which 'form' do you produce. Cubics, round ones - totally different like triangle or balls. Hookah charcoal balls would be interesting don't you think so? But... hm. xD


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Hi Dominik

Cheers. The coals are either 1 inch cubes or flats.

The main difference is the coals are all natural, no chemicals so they do take a bit longer to light than usual but once lit have very little ash and gives long lasting consistent heat. The minimal ash that is visible is reddish brown due to this being the natural ash color of coconut shell charcoal.

I actually carbonize the coconut shells inhouse so can tweak the charcoal quality to suit.

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