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Hookah smells like burning tire

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Hey there!

Since a few smokes my hookah started to smell like a burning tire. I first thought it's the tobacco I got but I used an other one and it smells also like that.

I clean my hookah after every use with lemon juice and a brush.

The next possibility I saw was that my bowl is dirty - I got an egyptian standard glazed bowl - and cooked it out in water for about 2 hours in which I put three times fresh water in. There was a lot dirt to wash out what I know now..

A day later I tried again and it's still a burning tire. I didn't chsnge my setup I smoke always like this and now it stinks. How does that come?

My setup is like this

Egyptian glazed bowl

Tobacco filled to the top

2 layers of foil (the one I always used not an other brand or things like that)

Lot's of small holes in the foils

40mm three kings (the ones I always use)


I even cleaned my hoses very carefully.

Please help what do I do wrong?


Thank you!



And I changed the top grommet to a fresh one - no difference

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Wrong translation from google for grommet

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Hey dominik good talk!

What I think is it was maybe just too much tobacco in my bowl but I don't know now.

I cleaned my bowl with soda lemon juice and ethanol. Soda cookout, lemonwater cookout again and again and flooding it with ethanol.

Maybe it was just too much tobacco now is good again

Have a nice day Do you're tryin best

Edited by Dominik

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