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Er.Aryan Jadhav17

Which charcoal should i use for hookah..?????

Because i dont have Magic coal or any other coal which i should use in hookah..pls tell me pls

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This is very important question.

You might go to your local hookahstore and ask for hookah charcoals.

There are quicklightning charcoals which light up quick and easy and on the other side there is charcoal from coconuts and it's more hot and harder to light up.

There are many many brands so you can have fun while find out what's worth for you. Maybe buy all of them and try many years :D

My favourite is three kings 40mm.

Better not use charcoal brickets for grills but you can - better don't.

Or try to do a brick charcoal by yourself I'm very happy with do it yourself project people.


Greetings :)

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