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Aclimatisation for you

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The meaning of 'aclimatisation' and why and how you do that.

Aclimatisation is a process to get the tobacco be friendly to you.
Tobacco changes it's smoking and smoke characteristics by the temperature and by humidity. The 'structure' - how the cells are (e.g. flexible, unflexible and receptivity for liquids) - changes by temperature and humidity.

So why is it good to acclimate some tobaccos and which are the ones where it is better to do that?
The truth is, acclimatisition is a good thing. Always. The aromas get in touch with air that's great for them to give their full range of friendlieness to you.
But if you smoke unwashed quiet dry tobaccos, the ones don't sink in molasses you do the best you can if you acclimate them.
What I personally never do is an acclimatisation which is without heat. So here what I personally do:
I put my tobacco in my bowl, never pressed down just let it fall in, and put foils on, make some holes in and put a charcoal on. Now acclimatisation will start as soon as I put the windshield on and than wait. Just get the whole bowl hot. Don't take a breath from your hoses for 10minutes. After that time the tobacco is hot everywhere and becomes smooth because the honey which was hard at the outside melts and the tobacco becomes able to absorb it. The honey is now in a mix with the tobacco aromas because it's NOW in the tobacco and the glycerin gots a new mixup with the honey two.
All scents are melted together and your shisha become a great smoke.
After this acclimatisation mixup you get huge clouds of tobaccos you never knew they smoke such nice. Most harshness is gone as soon, and that's the last step, you get the windshield of again. But have a few breathes including windshield on like one to fife.

Acclimatisation a process to not burn honey but melt it.
Acclimatisation is a process to have a smooth never harsh smoke.
Acclimatisation makes flavors become a blend.
Acclimatisation is loving your tobaccos and make them feel you're their friends.

Glycerin which heats slowly in that ten minutes highers the humidity by itself.
So if you do shisha by yourself don't ad water, let glycerin do it's job while acclimatisation.

If you ever thought tobaccos with honey have a scent of piss, don't wonder you didn't do a blend of all aromas until acclimatisation. The tobacco is pissed of you then.

You and your tobacco can become friends my dear - be the best friend to it you can and tobacco will love you.


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