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Skittles flavour

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Does anyone know how I could flavour my tobacco to flavours like skittles and stuff? Please help!🙏

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You know what you are going to do to make your tobacco suitable for a hookah? Adding glycerine and things..?

There is a concentrated skitlles flavour by flavorwest. It seems a bit low concentrated because they say you should mix up to 20percent into glycerin but that's also not too pricie if you buy bigger amounts of this concentrate.

Keep your diy tobaccos cheap by buying some bigger amounts of what you need.

If you simple close your homemade tobaccos up in a zip lock it's not getting bad in years - it's gettin better in better all the time. By myself I never put more than 250gr in one bag but I make 5 or 6 bags full at once - so I got my flavors for a year or sth like that. Maybe more than a year.

Simple mix this concentrate with glycerin (and maybe honey? Honey, I love honey) and add the mixture to ypur tobacco and wait 2 weeks or more so the flavor is everywhere in the molasses and in the tobacco


And IF you add honey to your molasses be sure honey is like a second flavour so maybe use as less as 5 to 10 percent in your mix.

The flafour gets more intense the longer it is in the tobacco honey and glycerin. Let it sit in your bags for a month and maybe 5 percent are enaugh.

So far so good... xD

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Hey that's what I don't know too. Heating it up together with honey is a bit a waste, I tried and the flavour of honey was gone. If you heat it up it gets in, if you don't it does also. 

So.. maybe don't do that - it takes always like two weeks to get all in with unwashed tobaccos and so it's a step you can leave out. If you wash your tobacco it soaks faster and you can also leave heating up glycerin out. It might get some water in because of heating it and that's neither good nor bad for it.. choose yourself xD

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