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Al Fakher - the bad batches manufacture or not?

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Hey there

I ask myself if it's normal to you too that Al Fakher produces lots of bad batches like ALL packages they sell nowerdays?

You know I come from Germany and my land is trying to make me believe some tobacco rules changed to less harder rules. 

We had unsmokeable dry hookah tobaccos the last twenty years - and by that a very grown illegal scene for importing good ones. 

Now we got the 'good' tobaccos back that's what the sellers say but no, I bought some packages Al Fakher the last year and they are all itchy and hard smoke. Taste like a new manufacture had a first try in creating good tobaccos for hookahs. 

Hey what I thought is Al Fakher is one kind of tobacco which is sooo smooth you can't believe. One kind of tobacco which is so full in flavour you will love or hate each flavor but nothing like 'oh maybe I taste something' and than try to get water in your mouth because it's itchy as hell again.

So please understand as a german guy I can only ask right now - is an al fakher always itchin good?

Do they often produce bad batches or is that more like - once, realy long time ago I remember a bad batch too?

I'm a bit confused right now. A bit confused because of what the vendors in my land say and of what I was thinking at all.

Maybe all the good tobaccos I smoked many years ago were just fake I don't know.

I'm very happy, don't get me wrong that we german people can buy smokable tobaccos too now in legal cobditions but - is al fakher now an bad batches manufacture like always or is it different in the states?

The german cendors say to me it's itchy because the tobacco was hard to buy.. by myself I don't know about hard condition grown tobaccos - I buy leafes and they are best or moldie. Don't know thst problem but I'm private....



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