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Different hose

Hi, I have a shisha with a weird hose. First of all, the hand piece is made of cardboard, which makes it impossible to clean. Second, it has a different base, in a sense, that I think it's thinner than the traditional one, which means I can't just go replace it, since my shisha can't accommodate the typical hoses. 

So I'm wondering if anyone could tell med what this type of hose is called, and maybe where they can be bought so I can get a new one. 

It needs to be said that the bowl itself is Lebanese, maybe this may help in the identification? Are there any Lebanese hoses? 

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Don't know anything about lebanese hoses.  But maybe it's worth a try to take a typically adapter, those aladin or amy (different types but standard sized) make and get it on your hookah. Is the hose adapter to take it off?

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