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Im the lost Newbie!!

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I absolutly LOVE Hookah. Iv never smoked ciggerettes or anything before but i can smoke the hell out of a hookah. Military brat here, was introduced to hookah when i lived in DC. At first i was like ehhhhh. But with time it started to be my go to relax/get crazy and party getaway. 6 years later, iv been to many hookah places and i always found myself critiquing the place. whether it be the music { which to me is most important, sets the vibe} or the decorating is half assed. stuff like that. i always would plan my own bar in my head. 

Now i live in Nebraska and people around here either dont know what it is,think its weed or are 16 yr old trying to be cool. iIhave this vision in my head of a barn maybe in the country {but not to far in the country} maybe right in the middle of all the towns . With a inviting relaxing envorment. but Can get hyped if need to be. 

I have severe Anxiety and currently feel stuck in my life, not happy, Numb. This is something i want to do. I absolutly enjoy.  But will it be worth it? Am i wasting my time? 

People with advice, or maybe a step by step pf how to even get started should totally get a hold of me!!:] 


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